y good direction too.

[Shin Immobile Sniping Stance]
Your Range is tripled if you stay still for over 15 seconds.

The skill that I acquired when I first started the game had now evolved…!
The item that I used for evolution was ‘Sniping Nucleated Cell,’ which was from the Slipers in the Riboribo forest.

Previously, the text had said ‘Your Range is tripled if you stay still for over 30 seconds.
If you attack while in this state, you will not be able to move for the next 30 seconds.’
Not only did I have to stay still for 30 seconds to activate it, but I would have to stay still for another 30 seconds afterwards, which is quite a big weakness.

Still, the ability to triple my Range was very appealing, and I had used it quite a lot early on.
But recently, I had no trouble targeting enemies without the boost in Range, and so I had fewer opportunities to use it.
There was also the fact that enemies were stronger, and there weren’t many situations where I could stay still for that long.

But now that it was the ‘Shin’ version, the demerits were completely gone…!
I could move more like a sniper who shoots and then runs in order to change positions.

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Furthermore, the required 30 second wait time had been shortened to 15 seconds, which made it a lot easier to use.
The increased Range was still the same, but I would rather it be like this, than x5 or x10 and have the same restrictions as before.

I had not thought that one of my oldest skills would suddenly become my most powerful at this point.
If it was a party battle, then there may be moments where I could stay still for 15 seconds.
And so I would put it to good use…!

“Now, this is my current list of skills…”

Ultra Bow Arts I, Satisfying Shot, Arrow Fusion, Efficient Movement
In fight Arrow, Bound Arrow, Clear Arrow
Inferno Arrow, Trident Arrow, Drill Arrow Kai
Letter Arrow, Gatling Arrow, Thunder Arrow
Flash Arrow, Multi-shot, Quick Draw, Heat Ray Eyes
Shin Immobile Sniping Stance, Sniping Insight, Beast King Eyes

Charge Attacks:
Sky Tear, Warp Arrow, I’m Arrow, Indra’s Arrow

Combined Charge Attack:
Meteor Bow

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I almost felt emotional when looking at it…
The list of skills represented all of my adventures up until now.
Furthermore, there were also weapon skills and charge attacks from my equipment, and the miracle effects from items and medals.
It made me feel very strong, but perhaps that was arrogant.
I needed to become much stronger…

Ah, that’s right.
There was also a big change in the Bow Arts skill, which always evolved on its own.
Bow Arts was now Ultra Bow Arts.

[Ultra Bow Arts I]
+130 to Attack and Range while bow is equipped.

There were 13 levels for Bow Arts, but after that, the number was reset and you started at 1 with Ultra Bow Arts.

“…What should I do now…”

There was still my bow and Garbow’s equipment left, but it would take more time for those to be finished.
And the announcement broadcast for the 1st NSO Strongest Party Tournament was now a few days away.
Well, I would do what I always do.
Go on an adventure.

And so I left the sky town and went out towards a new field.
In search of a new power.
Until the day finally came…

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