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[VRMMO] Next Stage Online General Thread part2947

1: Anonymous Runner
A general thread to discuss ‘Next Stage Online.’
While most subjects are allowed, party requests, complaints, trolling and bragging have their own threads.
The next thread will be created automatically.

2: Anonymous Runner
>>1 Thanks-nyon!

3: Anonymous Runner
>>1 Yes, thank you.

4: Anonymous Runner
So it finally came…
The big wave!

5: Anonymous Runner
I’m glad that Charin is still here.

6: Anonymous Runner
Just as I was starting to feel sad about her leaving, she came right back.
Well, I’m not mad!

7: Anonymous Runner
And I’m glad that they extended the time for the zodiac trials.
Because I haven’t finished them yet.

8: Anonymous Runner
Even if I can’t win at the tournament, I at least want the rewards for the labyrinths.
Apparently, you receive items that allow the player to become stronger.

9: Anonymous Runner
So they purposely gave out those items to prepare players for the tournament.

10: Anonymous Runner
Management wouldn’t be so kind to players for no reason.

11: Anonymous Runner
Since they’re calling it the ‘1st’ one, I suppose this will be a recurring event.

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12: Anonymous Runner
Well, the more tournaments there are, the more important the title of 1st champion will be.
The glory will be carved into NSO history forever.

13: Anonymous Runner
That’s amazing!
Everyone should want to carve their name in history!

14: Anonymous Runner
Hmm…maybe I should carve my name then…

15: Anonymous Runner
You sound like a vandal who is going to scribble on some historic monument at a tourist location.

16: Anonymous Runner
I get it, but that’s really rude.

17: Anonymous Runner
The prize is 100 million and the chance to scribble on history!

18: Anonymous Runner
In any case, this is a great festival!
I hope everything goes well!

 ◆ ◆ ◆

135: Anonymous Runner
So, who do we think is going to win?

136: Anonymous Runner
Well…it’s obviously going to be me…!

137: Anonymous Runner
Me, of course.

138: Anonymous Runner
It’s me.

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139: Anonymous Runner
If we’re being serious, then VRHAR.

140: Anonymous Runner
The Ghost Guild with the old bow guy!

141: Anonymous Runner
Boomerang lady.

142: Anonymous Runner
Well, clearly it will be those that were able to beat Charin on the hardest difficulty.

143: Anonymous Runner
But there are also some promising players who beat her after the difficulty was lowered.
Like Mad Slime and the Gloria Knights

144: Anonymous Runner
From what we know about the rules, you’ll only get one chance.
So things could be affected by how you feel that day, or who you happen to be up against.
I’d feel bad for anyone who is sick on that one day.

145: Anonymous Runner
Staying healthy is part of the fight…

146: Anonymous Runner
It’s like sports…
Well, it is, since it’s esports.

147: Anonymous Runner
Hey, all of you.
The rules for the preliminary.
Is it what I think it is? It starts with ‘B.’

148: Anonymous Runner

149: Anonymous Runner
Those who know the truth will be erased.

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150: Anonymous Runner

151: Anonymous Runner
Everyone knows!
It starts with a ‘B’ and ends with an ‘E’!

152: Anonymous Runner

153: Anonymous Runner
Wait, I don’t get it!

154: Anonymous Runner
There is only one thing it could be, considering Charin’s hint.
So even people in this thread, who rely on pure luck will still have a chance.

155: Anonymous Runner
But only people who work hard every day will have a chance.
There is no way that people who spend more time here than in the game will be able to make it…

156: Anonymous Runner
No, they can!
You can do anything with some luck!
I’m going to go and try to increase my luck right now!

157: Anonymous Runner
Or you could just play the game and increase your level?

158: Anonymous Runner
People in this thread always work hard in the wrong direction…

 ◆ ◆ ◆

866: Anonymous Runner
While I won’t be able to win, I’m still looking forward to the event.
It’s the most exciting one so far.

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867: Anonymous Runner
I agree.
But I’m going to try my best to win.
And not do it just as a joke.

868: Anonymous Runner
At first I wanted the money, but now I just want to get the best results that I can.
Though, I might change my mind if I saw the money in person!

869: Anonymous Runner
The main battle will be directly against the strongest players, so you won’t be able to win with luck alone.
I’ll need to close the gap as much as possible before the day arrives…

870: Anonymous Runner
If anyone in this thread wins, you’ll have to say this during interviews, ‘I was able to win because of all the posters on message boards rooted for me!’

871: Anonymous Runner
No way!

872: Anonymous Runner
That would be an eternal stain on NSO
It would interfere with their business.

873: Anonymous Runner
Why should I embarrass myself in the end like that?

874: Anonymous Runner
Don’t worry, no one from here will win… No, I can’t say that.
Let’s all believe that we have a chance and do our best.

875: Anonymous Runner
Let’s do this!

 ◆ ◆ ◆

The road to the ‘strongest’ that everyone dreamed about.
The gate to it would open in just two weeks…

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