I think that we can do it.”

I muttered back.
I wasn’t really thinking, and said it calmly.
It was the casual remark of someone who believed that victory was in arms reach.
Still, it was enough to encourage the others.

“Yes, yes.
We can do it!”

“We just have to keep knocking down anyone in our path until we win!”

Necoco and Anne said excitedly.
As the two had been adventuring together, they were now quite close.

I shouldn’t have asked that in the first place.”

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“No, it’s fine.
It’s no surprise that you would wonder.
And it’s good that we can reconfirm our goal.”

While I hadn’t been thinking when I said it, I would pretend that there was a deep meaning to it.
The others all seemed more relaxed.
But I was worried that maybe I looked tense now.

“Now that we are participating as the Ghost Guild, we have no choice but to try and win! And so we will keep fighting until the very end!”

Shouted Necoco, and everyone shouted ‘Yes!’ and raised their fists into the air.

Sometimes I wondered what I was doing, getting mixed up with all of these youngsters.
But I was Kyuji.
And I didn’t really feel embarrassed about fighting shoulder to shoulder with young people who were chasing their dreams.
During the upcoming battle, I would be fighting as ‘Kyuji,’ one of the top players.
Thinking like that didn’t actually change anything, but it felt necessary to me.

‘Ding-dong! As it is now time to start the preliminaries for the 1st NSO Strongest Party Tournament, participating players will be warped away-nyon!’

Charin’s voice echoed around the first town.
In the next instant, we were warped to an area I had never seen before.

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It was a strange place where constellations shone in the sky, and mist covered the ground.

‘Welcome! All of you players who want to be the strongest! I am Charin, the hired host, announcer and AI Idol-nyon! That’s enough introduction for now.
Let’s go over the rules once more-nyon!’

And then Charin began to read the rules.
Going over the rules again was a kindness towards the players, and would prevent people from complaining later on.
This time, she even explained about friendly fire.
But there was no new information, so it really was just a review.

In the first place, they had yet to explain how they decided which players would go to the finals… It was just as I thought this, that Charin finished her explanation.

“Now, I will take you all to the battlefield-nyon! Your last question…should be answered once you see it-nyon!’

We warped again and the scenery changed.
At first, I didn’t know where we were.
However, once I saw a certain building…it came to me like lightning.

“It’s the field where we had the battle royale…!”

The stone tower that stood on top of the mountain…!
The vast grass fields…! There was no mistaking it!
This was the field of the first event that I participated in.
The Under X Battle Royale!

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