Data.157 – Old Bowman, Wind from Heaven

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Garbow’s voice started to grow smaller.
I didn’t know if they knew we were here, but the enemy was definitely moving in our direction.

“I will look… Cat’s Eye Power…”

Necoco glared in the direction where the enemy was.
Her eyes glowed white, just like a cat’s during the night.

“I see them…! There are two behind the tree where the trunk splits into two.
And there is one up in the tree and another a short distance away behind some rocks.
They haven’t noticed us yet…!”

After this report, Necoco closed her eyes tightly.
It was probably a skill that allowed her to see through things between blinks.
Just thinking about it made my eyes hurt.

“You can deal with the guy in the tree.
I want you to use a wide range attack to take the tree out at the same time.
As for the one in the back…I’ll take him out once he is surprised by the first attack.”


For now, Anne, Satomi, and the Unisons would hide.
Necoco went around to the enemy’s back, while I targeted the tree from behind some bushes.
In this field, objects could be destroyed.
And so if it was a powerful charge attack, you could knock down trees and kill players…!

“Charge Attack – Heavenly Wing Arrow Storm…!”

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This was the weapon charge attack of my evolved bow, Machine God Bow – Heaven Wind Murakumo!
Just like Bow Shower and Arrow Storm, it unleashed numerous arrows!

◆ Machine God Bow – Heaven Wind Murakumo
Type: Two-handed weapon(Bow)
Attack: 200
Range: 140
Weapon charge attack: Heavenly Wing Arrow Storm

[Heavenly Wing Arrow Storm]
Dark clouds will erupt around the bow, and unleash a storm of arrows.
Cool down: 5 minutes.

The number of arrows was increased, as well as speed and damage of individual arrows.
And yet the cool down was the same!
It was easily a superior version of Arrow Storm!

And more importantly, the stats of the bow itself were great!
Attack was now 200, and the Range was increased.
Even a player with high defense would not come out unharmed if they were hit with arrows from this bow…!

“My aim was perfect…!”

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The countless arrows fell on the tree and tore it to pieces.
And the two players who were hiding behind it were…not torn to pieces.
One of them was an advance guard with heavy armor, and even in an ambush, had a shield up for protection.
But the player who was up in the tree wore light armor, and had been able to quickly escape to a different tree.

And so I only killed one…
That wasn’t a satisfying way to debut my new charge attack, but it showed just how good these players were.
I shouldn’t think that they would be easy to take down.
When I am alone…that is.

“Thunder claws that shred the sky… Raijin Zekku!”

After being surprised by the attack, the player stuck his head out from behind the rocks, and then it went flying into the air.
Necoco was good at sneaking up behind people and cutting off their heads.
But she had polished this skill even more, and she was now so fast that I couldn’t even see her claws move.
It really was just like thunder…!

“Uniting heart and body with the Unison…Unison Maestro.”

Satomi had chosen a staff with a ring on it as his new weapon.
It was often used by monks.
He too attacked the enemy and showed off how coordinated he and Gochu were.
I felt rather bad for the players who were surprised by the ambush, and were then subject to such smooth attacks.

“Advance guards should fight each other!”

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Anne said as she threw her metal spiked ball at the heavily armored player.
He seemed to be the party leader, and even when his team mates were dead, he remained calm and attacked with precision.
And his shield looked like a rare item….
No matter how many times he blocked Anne’s metal ball, it would not get damaged.
Normally, it would have made the most sense for Satomi and Gochu to fight him with magic attacks, but Anne had acquired a new power!

“Sticky Star!”

The iron ball stuck to the shield!
Anne then pulled it back, and tore the shield out of the player’s grasp.

“Su-such a thing is possible?!”

“Sorry about it! I can be very tenacious!”

She swung the iron ball again and this time hit the player with it.
And then Anne…began to swing it while the player was still attached to it!

“If you get dizzy easily, you might as well give up now!”


The player said as he turned into particles of light and then vanished.
The party was annihilated…!

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“Ah, that went better than I expected.”

“I was so nervous that they would notice us before we could ambush them…”

“I’m still not used to being the first one to attack.”

“I hope that guy isn’t throwing up now…”

Well, it seemed like everyone was nervous for the first fight.
Boosted stats, new skills and gear, a plan we agreed upon… All of that would bring us closer to victory, but it wasn’t a guarantee.
And so when we did win, the joy was enough to make us shake.

This fight had been over in an instant.
We defeated them before they even had a chance to respond.
It was the ideal way to do things…!
If we could continue like this, we could win.

“Now, let’s head to our destination.
It’s not safe here.”

We started to move while leaving some space between us, and looking in different directions.
There were thousands of enemies…so perhaps there was no such thing as a safe place.
And so we had to go.
To that tower, which was probably the reason that the Ghost Guild was born.

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