Data.158 – Old Bowman, Sniper

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“…Ouch! One up in the tree at 10 o’clock!”


“He’s quite far away.
Can you hit him?”

“Of course.”

On our way to the tower, we encountered many players.
As a party, we had decided to hunt down any enemies that we found, but there would be a great risk in chasing after enemies that were far away.
And so I would be the sniper who shot down the distant enemies.
And even then, I wouldn’t kill the whole party.
Just the ones who I could see.
In a party of four, losing just one member would be a huge loss.
You could say that it was more than enough in terms of weakening them.

“…Wind God Sky Tear.”

You couldn’t see the wind.
And so by the time you were aware of it, it was when it had already touched you.
This was the evolved version of Sky Tear, and it was a wind arrow.
A high speed arrow that would shoot through you before you knew what was happening…!

[Wind God Sky Tear]
Unleash a high speed arrow that has the power of the wind god.
Great piercing ability.
Inflicts damage after halving the target’s defenses.
Cool down: 5 minutes.

Not only did the name sound cooler, but it had an added effect that was perfect for me.

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‘Half-defense piercing,’ which damages the enemy after reducing the defense stats!
Now if I shot someone through the head, they would have to have incredibly high defenses in order to avoid death…!

The demerit was the longer cool down, and the fact that it would be harder to control now that it was faster.
It also had a smaller hit box.
While the charge attack was more suited for headshots now, it was also easier to miss.
And so the skill of the user would really be tested.

What had I don’t to make it evolve into such a powerful charge attack…? Nothing really.
In the first place, Sky Tear was given to me as a bonus for collecting the full windcloud set.
And evolving the charge attack required evolving the windcloud set.

To be specific, I just needed to upgrade every piece of the set.
And so I had fulfilled the requirements without actually trying to.

◆ Status
Name: Kyuji
Job: Sagitarius
Lv: 22/50
HP: 220/220(+60)
MP: 240/240(+100)
Attack: 455(+365)
Defense: 270(+230)
Magic Attack: 40
Magic Defense: 190(+160)
Speed: 140(+90)
Star Area Range: 1060(+330)

◆ Equipment

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Head: Windstream Snake Scarf
Right Hand: Machine God Bow – Heaven Wind Murakumo
Left Hand: (Machine God Bow – Heaven Wind Murakumo)
Arms: Cloudbore Archery Gloves G
Torso: Windcloud Haori
Legs: Windguard Warrior Hakama
Feet: Cloudcrossing Tabi
Accessories: Seabow Arts Form Seven, Mirror Alice Reflection, Exorcism Bow Arts – 4 Mark.

…Looking back at them like this, my equipment really had become stronger.
It was because of them that I wasn’t a horrible player in spite of putting all of my points into one stat.
Speaking of range, Star Area Range was now over 1000.
As Star Area Range’s effect halved my actual Range, it was only around 500 meters…but that in itself was crazy…
And if Shin Immobile Sniping Stance was activated, it would be increased by three times.
So I could shoot a kilometer away.
Of course, it was rare for me to be in a position to hit an enemy from 1 kilometer away, but if I did ever camp in such a location, I would be unbeatable…

“…Let’s go, Mr.
It seems like the last party we attacked decided to retreat instead of fighting back.”


Well, running instead of fighting seemed like the right choice when you couldn’t even see the enemy.
I sometimes did see powerful players who just swung their weapons and charged in the direction of oncoming arrows, but that made them good targets.

“Still, that tower is quite far away.
I’m not even joking…”

“Since there are more participants now than during the battle royale, they probably increased the size of the map.
The mountains also seem to be higher.”

“I see.
So that’s why it’s taking us so long.
At this rate, there might be other parties who have already reached it.”

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You might have to fight in the opposite position as last time, Mr.
Of course, I will continue to hide.”

“And I’ll be doing the same thing as last time as well.
It really is fun to sneak up on enemies and kill them! I love seeing their expressions of surprise!”

“I’m jealous of all of you.
I wasn’t playing yet during that battle royale.”

Our nerves started to calm down as we talked.
Some people might think that we were letting our guard down.
However, we were all looking in different directions and remained watchful as we talked.
It just showed that our concentration was incredibly high.

“…They are coming up behind us.
They haven’t noticed us yet, but they are close.”

“Anne and I will annihilate them before they can get closer.
Kyuji, can you do the flash?”

“Got it.”

Satomi and Anne would take care of the close and mid-range enemies.
While I was good at sniping and Necoco was good at stealthy assassinations, we lacked the firepower of players who put a lot of points into Attack and Magic Attack.
And so Necoco and I would support the other two this time.

“Gatling Flash Arrow…!”

I unleashed a stun grenade-like flash arrow at the enemy party.
While it didn’t deal any damage, it would blind them for a while.

“Charge attack – Firerock Flower!”

“Charge attack – Meteor Star!”

Both of them were attacks that dropped huge objects from the sky like meteors.

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While they took some time to fall, the enemy could usually escape.
But this time, they were blinded by the flash.
In the end, the enemy decided to use defense skills rather than run.
While the two charge attacks were slow, they dealt a lot of damage.
Though they weren’t all killed, they lay on the ground wounded.
And then Necoco and I quickly took them out.

While we hadn’t assigned everyone a role, this party was functioning very well.
Like a machine where all of the gears moved together perfectly.
If we kept this up, we could easily take the tower even if there were already enemies there…that’s what I thought.
Until ‘they’ appeared.

“Hahahaha! This field! And to think that we’d meet again at this tower… It must be fate! I won’t let you say that you’ve forgotten me this time, Mr.

We had finally arrived at the stone tower.
And the person waiting for us on the top was…

“Hmm… Uh, Mad Slime! Mad Slime… Slime…Slime Man!”

“Correct! Good! I see that it takes two fights for you to remember a name! Though, it did take you a while to get to it, but I’ll let it slide!”

Slime Man was the green whip wielder who I had killed during the Under X Battle Royale!
And he had ambushed me on the Ghost Float in the name of revenge.
To be honest, he was quite amusing, which made me less nervous than I should be.
Because he was not to be underestimated.

Especially since he held a one-sided grudge against me.
There was a possibility that he would forget the prize and glory, and focus on defeating me alone.
And I did not want to get caught up in a self-destructive attack that was purely driven by emotion!
In a way, this was the last kind of enemy that I would have wanted to meet during a battle royale…!

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