will put a stop to your plans with our new combination charge attack…! Come! Slime Barrier!”

A thick, green slime began to flow out from the roof of the tower.
Instead of dripping down, it stuck to the sides of the tower, creating a sphere around the members of Slime Man.

“This is Slime Barrier, a combined charge attack with my Unison, Kokepoyo the moss slime! You can’t see in and we can’t see out! Your attacks won’t get through easily, and neither can ours! In other words… It’s the perfect way to buy some time!”


I could understand why it would block our attacks or prevent us from seeing inside, but why block their own attacks…?
How could they even use this, aside from battle royales where buying time meant surviving longer…?

Now, calm down…!
Every skill and charge attack had a limited time of effect.
And so even the hardest barriers would disappear eventually!

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“By the way! It also stays activated for a very long time! So you’ll meet some other parties while you wait!”

…Slime Man.
Even if he wasn’t the strongest, he was still dangerous.
Like he said, if we waited here, we would get attacked by others who were on their way.
And so we had to break through the barrier somehow…!

He did say that we won’t be able to break through it ‘easily.’ In other words, we just have to try our hardest.
Let’s all use our charge attacks at the same time.”

“Got it!”

The four of us would unleash our most powerful charge attacks at the barrier!

“Inferno Arrow Tempest!”

“Thunder Sky Sever Claws – Dual Claws!”

“Unison Maestro…Flame Rock Flower – Double!”

“Giant Daybreak Star!”

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The attacks were perfectly in sync.
And so they hit the barrier at practically the same time.
And yet…we could not destroy it!
Not only that, but there wasn’t even a scratch…
It would only jiggle…!

“Hahahahaha! I won’t say that was a completely wasted effort! I’m sure you know why your attacks aren’t very effective?”

I could hear Slime Man laughing in a high-pitched voice.
He was not holding back at all.
This was because he was confident that we would not be able to break through the barrier like this.
In other words, it was no use unleashing a chain of ordinary charge attacks.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…and a combined charge attack…for a combined charge attack.”

Both Satomi and I had Unisons with us, but Satomi relied on his Unison during combat.
And so Garbow and I would break through it.
By using our own new combined charge attack!

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