saw an amazing skill at the bottom.

“Can I have this skill and this skill?”

It was a good thing that I had gone through the entire list.

There were two skills that I decided on immediately.

And even losing 100 medals was not going to make me feel regret.

It was perfect.

The next thing I needed to strengthen was equipment.

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In the last event, I had prioritized comfort, and so went out to fight in my beginner equipment.

However, there was no way that I could continue to do this.

It would be best to get some new equipment early on, and get used to wearing it.

And so I had hoped to use the remaining 100 medals to get new equipment, but it was not enough to get a whole set.

Even if I kept using the gorilla fists for my arms, there was still my ‘head,’ ‘body,’ ‘legs,’ and ‘feet.’ And there were 3 slots for accessories.

It seemed like it would be a better idea to save the medals and get my equipment somewhere else.

Somewhere else… In other words, searching the field based on information found on the net.

It wasn’t that I was relying on guides, but I just happened to have stumbled upon it.

Last night, even after logging out, I lay in bed and read about NSO.

I was mainly reading comments related to the battle royale.
And it was then that I saw something about being able to acquire equipment if you went to a certain area of the map.

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Apparently, this was something discovered recently, and I wasn’t sure if it was even true.

Still, it was the kind of thing that you wanted to put to the test.
It reminded me of being a kid and hearing my friends talk about hidden tricks within games.

I had the time, so it was worth trying.

If it turned out that I was fooled, I would have a good laugh and a fond memory.

And so I decided to go to the spot that had been pointed out.

 ◆ ◆ ◆

“It should be around here… But I don’t see anything that sticks out.”

I was in a fairly dark mountain area.

All the monsters that came out were easy enough to kill.

So at least this wasn’t some kind of trap to lure in beginners.

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