ver the roof as soon as the barrier goes down.”

They all said ‘understood.’

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Now that it was decided, it was time to put it into action.

“Garbow! Let’s go!”

“Gar! Gar!”

The first combined charge attack was Meteor Bow.
I had unlocked it during the zodiac event, when we were doing the hidden beast trial, and our ‘bond points’ had reached the necessary level.

The second combined charge attack likely needed more bond points and for the Unison to have finished their 3rd evolution.
I think that the reason that he didn’t learn the second one right after his 3rd evolution was because the required bond points had gone up.
And so it was necessary to rack up more bond points after he evolved into Ravenalligate.

“Combined charge attack…!”

This time, Garbow did not fall apart and combine with my bow.
Garbow transformed completely and he himself turned into a single arrow…!

“Armageddon Arrow!”

It was the exact opposite of Meteor Bow, which unleashed numerous arrows like meteors.
This only shot one arrow, and it did not glow and was not particularly fast.
Instead, it was thick and rotated at a great speed, which caused it to grow hot from the friction with the air, making it glow red.

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And it destroyed everything that it touched as it moved in a straight line…!

Due to the effect of Star Area Range, I could not make it curve.
And I could not combine it with other skills by using Arrow Fusion.
And it could not be canceled once released.

The arrow was like the will of a stubborn man, and was my strongest trump card that could crush even the stars…!
The height of our efforts, Armageddon Arrow!


The Slime Barrier popped!
Well done, Garbow! Leave the rest to me!
We’ll go to the finals together…!

“Huh!? I didn’t expect you to break the barrier so quickly!”

Slime Man’s voice echoed from the top.
I replied in a loud voice.

“A barrier like this won’t even buy you any time!”

“Hmph…! The timing was just a little unexpected! I knew it would break eventually! It’s four against four! The battle has only just begun!”

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“Is that right?”

“Huh…? Ah!?”

Slime Man screamed.
There was no one around me now.

This was our plan.
Necoco would use her claws to climb up the walls of the building and enter it as soon as the barrier was destroyed.
Then she would assassinate one of the members of Slime Man.
Just as all attention moved to her, Satomi, Gochu, and Anne would climb up the stairs loudly in order to distract them.

Like this, the enemy would have to look in two directions at once.
If they were hesitant while facing Necoco, then only a silent death would await them.
The quick reflexes that came from her young age meant that she would attack before they had time to utter a word.

And then, my job was to distract the most dangerous member of Slime Man!
I just needed a few seconds.
I just wanted to avoid having Necoco and Slime Man clash head on.
I rated him highly as a player.
And so I had purposely provoked him so that his attention would be on me.

“Let’s end this here! Slime Man!”

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