Data.161 – Old Bowman, In the Tower Again

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“Tsk…! I won’t let it end here like this!”

Slime Man…threw himself off of the tower!
It wasn’t suicide.
After all, he had ‘slime’ in his name, and they were monsters known for their elasticity.
And so he would surely have a skill that would make use of it in order to break his fall.
Instead of staying in a tower where there were three enemies, it was better to go down where there was only one.
Especially since I didn’t like close quarters combat.
He would have seen this as his best chance…!
But, he underestimated me!

“Gatling In Fight Arrow!”

Even a normal person could follow the speed of someone falling.
And so it would not be hard for me to hit him with an arrow.
From what I could see, Slime Man was wearing light armor!
And so he wouldn’t come out unscathed if he got hit by multiple In Fight Arrows at mid-range!

Twist! Twist!


But Slime Man’s body started to turn and twist.
He fell to the ground as a green blob.
And then he exploded!
I had never seen a player die like that before…

“It’s a dummy!”

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When I looked back up to the top of the tower, there were numerous Slime Mans jumping off.
It was hard to comprehend, but I had to quickly aim with my bow and attack!
Slime Man meant to hide among them and escape!

“Super Multi…Inferno Arrow!”

Super Multishot was the evolved form of Multishot.
The number of arrows that could be shot had gone up from 10 to 20.
It wasn’t as accurate as when just shooting one arrow, but it was more than enough when trying to cut down the number of dummies!

“Now, let’s see if we can hit the right one…!”

I continued to fire and the number of dummies decreased.
If I killed the main body, then it would disappear with particles of light, so it would be obvious… However, I was starting to lose my confidence.
Besides, it didn’t look like I would be able to defeat all of them.
These dummies…were way too elastic and tough!

“He really is a dangerous man…”

But then the dummies suddenly stopped spawning.
I had defeated many of them, but at the same time, many had been able to escape into the forest.
And from what I could see, I had not defeated the real one.
However, that was only within range of what I could see.
It was possible that he had died in the tower, only it was at an angle that was out of my line of sight.

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In any case, I better go up there.
It was dangerous to stay down here by myself.

“This door and stairs… It really is the same as that time.”

It wasn’t even that long ago, and yet I already felt a little nostalgic as I reached the roof.
Necoco, Satomi, Gochu, and Anne were all in good shape, but they looked grim.

I think we let him get away.”

“There’s no need to apologize.
I’m in charge of shooting, and yet I let quite a few dummies escape.”

It would be difficult for Necoco and the others to target dummies who were falling off of the tower.
I had been given the role of dealing with such things.
And so they shouldn’t be apologizing to me.

If anything, I was impressed that Slime Man had a hidden trump card that allowed him to escape from danger like this.
If you wanted to be in the top in a battle royale, then running away was a good strategy as well.
And he multiplied like a real slime, which was quite clever.

“Well, aren’t the results all right? We still got them out of the tower, which was the plan.”

“You’re right, Mr.
Kyuji! Who cares if one of them got away! That’s nothing compared to the hundred players we’re going to kill now! It’s nothing!”

Sometimes Anne said frightful things.
But, maybe she was right….

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I had killed 158 players by myself last time, and there would be no point in taking this tower if we weren’t going to fight.
Besides, there were so many more players this time.

“100 might not be enough.
We might need to defeat 1000…”

That was the conclusion after calming thinking about it.
It wasn’t as ridiculous as it might seem.
Regardless, the party became very excited at the declaration that we would kill 1000 players.

“Indeed! If we’re going to kill 1000, then we can at least let one person go!”

“It’s possible that this one person will cause trouble for us later, but thinking about it now will only negatively affect our performance.
We have to do what’s best for us now.”

“That’s right, Mr.
Kyuji! I don’t know why I said it would be just 100 at first!”

“Ah, haha… Anyway, I’ll just do my best.”

That was the only answer I could give now as she looked at me expectantly.
It felt a little embarrassing when talking face to face…
But there was no time for that.
Everyone started to move into their positions.

Satomi, Gochu, and Anne went down the stairs in order to guard the entrance.
Last time, my only line of defense was a mine that I picked up, so this was a big upgrade.

Of course, my job was to look down from the top of the tower and hunt any enemies.
It didn’t matter who they were.
I would shoot any player that came into range.

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That was all.

As for Necoco…she was my guard.
She could stop ambushes by turning invisible, flying, and various other methods, as well as watch my back and look for other prey.
Back then, the player who had ambushed me was not watching my back.
It was reassuring, to say the least.

They say that you never know what will happen in life, and that is certainly true.
I never would have guessed that I would be forming parties with others and participating in events like this.

“Now, I’m ready.
From here…”

‘I hope that…I can put on a killing show.’
Last time, I think I had muttered something like that.
That sounded like me.
I wanted to be cool, but I couldn’t.
I was just an ordinary person.
But it wouldn’t suit the current moment.

“From here…it will be my killing show!”


Yes, this really was quite embarrassing!
But…I didn’t hate it.
I had lived a plain life, and wanted to continue to live leisurely…
Just a normal person like me had changed quite a bit.
Usually, all it takes is a few words to make such a thing happen.
I told myself this as I held up my bow.

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