Data.162 – Old Bowman, Center of Attention Again

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I would target players who were in areas with fewer obstacles.
In a battle royale, you wanted to move in areas where there were plenty of places to hide.
And so if a player was not doing that, there was a good possibility that they were a beginner.
And beginners tended to have weak equipment.
So if I targeted their heads…I could kill them in one shot!

Kiririri… Shu!

As the targets were far away, I could not hear the sounds of the arrows as they hit.
However, the players still fell silently on the ground and disappeared into light.
Their party members would see this and stop in surprise.
Now they were also easy targets…!

Kiririri…shu! Shu! Shu!

One and then three shots.
All of them pierced their heads, killing the enemy in a single hit.
They did not even have enough time to comprehend how they had been defeated.
I felt a little bad for them, but someone else would have got them soon enough, if they were going to move like that.

But there were also players who were completely different and were already within range.
And they did not show themselves.
The moment I thought I could see them, they would hide behind something.
And they were slowly approaching me.

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Veteran players could always stay calm.
Even if they were hit by an arrow, they would just react with an ‘oh,’ and then quickly hide again.
Then they would use an item to heal and then start moving.
And so it was hard to finish them off, but I kept trying…

Kyuji! They’re at the bottom of the tower!”


I had allowed the enemy to get close.
And so a ferocious battle of ranged attacks ensued between the entrance of the tower and the bushes.
Satomi and Gochu launched fireballs, and Anne swung her iron ball at the enemy, but they seemed to be struggling.
At such times as these, I had to stop sniping and help them.

“Inferno Arrow Tempest!”

I unleashed numerous arrows over the bushes where the enemy was hiding, and scorched a wide area.
Once they were clearly visible, it would not be very difficult to defeat them.
It would be ideal if we could just burn the entire forest in the area, but management had put safety measures in place so that we couldn’t do that.
The trees in this area would grow again very quickly after being destroyed.
At a speed that would be impossible in real life…!

And so the players moving towards the tower would always have a place to hide.
These stealthy beasts would be constantly coming for our heads.
At the same time, we were hunters, and we would also be targeting them.

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“…There! Wind God Sky Tear!”

It shot through the player’s head, along with the tree he was hiding behind.
Poking his head out for just a second had been his downfall.
Once I knew how tall they were, I could get a good idea of where their head would be behind the tree.

He was still moving in spite of being shot through the head…
As this was such a big event, there were a lot of players who were confident in their defense ability.
And so I unleashed a follow up attack before he could heal.
And it was only after I saw that he was dead that I looked elsewhere.

‘316 kills!’

That was already double what I did last time…!
I had been thinking about my kill count at first, but I was too busy after I reached 100.
There were so many players now who moved as if they knew that I was camped up in the tower.
Still, I didn’t want to let the others down, and I continued to focus on shooting.
And this was the result.

“…Not too bad.”

While the map was getting smaller, the tower was still inside.
However, it was more towards the edge, so I doubted that we could stay here until the end.
But that had not come yet, and so there should be no problem with staying here and shooting a little longer.
And after the last great ambush, the number of enemies approaching started to fall.
It would be nice if I could take a short break now…
It was important to rest if you wanted to be in the best condition to shoot.

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Are there any enemies behind…”

“Sky Claw Thunderbolt…”

Her claws moved faster than the eye could follow as she cut through the air.
A second later, a winged player appeared out of nowhere.
While their helmet was slashed open, they were still alive!
And in order to go after the retreating player, Necoco jumped off of the tower!

“…Dual Claws!”

This time, her claws slashed through the wings as if she was determined to knock the player out of the air.
But even after the player lost the ability to fly, Necoco continued her relentless attacks!

“Thunder Sky Sever Claws – Dual Claws!”

As the player fell, they were stuck by a cutting bolt of lightning!
And so they turned into light and disappeared.

“Lightning Speed!”

Necoco kicked off of the air and returned to the top of the tower.
And then she sighed.

“I shouldn’t have to use so many charge attacks to defeat one person…”

“He looked really strong, so I think you made the right decision.
And thanks for protecting me.
It would have been game over if I was alone.
Just like the first time.”

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“I’m glad to hear you say that! Now, this is still just the beginning! We have to assume that the remaining players are all strong from this point on!”


There would be an announcement when there were only 64 parties left, but that time had not yet come.
In a normal battle royale, it wouldn’t end until you killed all of your opponents, but in this one, you just had to survive until a certain point.
There were probably players out there who were just hiding nervously.
‘Hide and Seek to become the strongest’… Well, that didn’t sound too bad…
It could be cool and fun in its own way.

Well, we had chosen to do the opposite.
Stick out and kill our rivals.
And so we would hold the tower for as long as we could.

“Old man! A few parties are coming this way! But they aren’t attacking each other in spite of being close… So they must be working together!”

“They formed an alliance in order to take us down… It would be difficult to attack the tower while having to watch your own back, so that’s smart of them.”

“What should we do?”

“While they are cooperating now, they are still enemies.
The alliance should fall apart easily if we can split them up.”

“And how will we do that?”

“Well…you know.
Anyway, let’s get them!”

“You’re right about that!”

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