With powerful charge attacks, you could tell they were being activated even if you were far away.
And so they had been watching us, and planned to attack after we had used the attacks…!

“Everyone, this will be the critical moment!”

The map was getting smaller.
And it was possible that the whole map would eventually be within my Range.
Many players would want to take me down before that happens.

And so they kept coming!
Perhaps it was a bit rude, but they looked like zombies from a movie.
The trouble was that they weren’t as weak or dumb as zombies.
And their methods of attack were at the same level as us.
Swords, spears, axes, magic, bows, guns, shurikens.
Having to deal with players with so many kinds of weapons was backbreaking work…!

The saving grace was that these players were all enemies to each other.
And since plenty of them were opportunistic, they would change targets away from us if they saw a strong-looking player, and ambush them from behind.
I had seen it happen a few times.
In the end, even if they got us out of the tower, only one party could be inside.
So it made sense to get rid of any rivals during the chaotic battle.

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And so we avoided targeting such players as we helped in bringing the numbers down.

‘400 Kills!’

Which enemies to target and which to leave…
The battlefield required quick decision making, which gave me a headache.
However, every time I felt that my brain was being overloaded, it felt as if my weakened brain would be revitalized and grow.

‘500 kills!’

Compared to when I first started, I had simply gotten used to playing in VR.
However, that wasn’t the only reason that I had improved.
I had acquired new things and changed.

‘600 kills!’

“Godwind Sky Tear!”

I shot an area in the sky where the clouds swayed.
And then something like a bird fell out from the clouds.
As there were no monsters in this map, it would be a player.
The player had probably meant to rise high into the air and then attack the tower from above.
But I shot them before they could descend.

It was more by instinct, then thought.
Like I suddenly had the urge to shoot there.
This feeling…was it what athletes called the ‘zone’?

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I felt like my concentration was at its peak.

‘700 kills!’

I could do this.
1000 kills was possible.
However, strangely, I didn’t feel excited about it?
…Ah, that’s right.
While it did get us closer to the finals, it didn’t actually matter that much for this battle royale.

In a battle royale, only 1 party could win.
And I knew it by instinct.
As more enemies died, only the strong would remain.
And the strongest top 64 were still on the field.

‘800 kills!’

“Phew… I think I better take a break…”

The enemies were much fewer now.
I doubted that I could return to being as focused as before, but I needed to be aware of my surroundings as much as possible.

“Everyone, don’t let your guard down! From here, it’s going to be… Woah!?”

Suddenly, giant wings flew towards me.
It wasn’t a bird.
But it wasn’t a player with wings either.
It was…a boomerang that was in the shape of wings!
And I had seen this boomerang before…!

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