der of Mad Slime!”

Slime Man was just a squad leader!?
The others had called him that, but I had assumed that they were just going or something.
But given that he appeared to dislike being called that, perhaps he enjoyed having people think that he was the leader of Mad Slime…
Really, he was an amusing person…

“Well, I suppose it’s because of my personality.
I don’t post regular videos or play on any fixed schedule.
So I’m not very famous as a pro gamer… Even with tournaments, I tend to forget to enter, so I was pretty lucky to get into this one.”

He was certainly very careless for someone important…
In any case, one thing was clear now.
While Core and Satomi were related, their personalities were completely different.
They probably fought a lot as kids.
No, maybe even now…

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“…Ah!? I’m the one who is sharing information! Damn it! Tell me something, Satomi!”

“There is nothing that I can tell you.
I have no intention of revealing information about myself, and I don’t know much about my comrades.
We don’t share any information about skills or charge attacks with each other.”

“Ahh… That seems like a strange way to fight, considering how paranoid you are.
What made you change?”

“I don’t think you know me well enough to actually recognize if I’ve changed.”

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.
Clearly, they did not have the best relationship.

“Oh, fine then.
You always liked to keep your little secrets.
I never expected to learn anything from you… I’ll ask the other members!”

Core pointed at Anne.

“Wh-what is it!? Do I look like someone with loose lips!?”

“No, it’s just that no one really knows anything about you, so I’m curious.
Am I wrong? Everyone else in the finals is at least well-known to some degree, for better or worse.”

“This is my first time playing an online game.
And so I am not famous like those other pros.”

“A beginner who plays like that… Is your character based on how you really look?”

“I have obviously changed my face! But my body is similar.
I heard that it’s harder to move if you change your physique.”

“B-but…you seem very, uh, tall?”

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“Yes, I am this tall in real life.
Ah, but perhaps my chest is a little smaller.
I read that it will get in the way if it’s too big or heavy.”

“I see..
Thank you for the good information…!”

What was wrong with this brother…

“Alright! That’s enough information gathering! I’m leaving! Goodbye! You better be ready to face me later!”

Core left.
Without getting any useful information.
But perhaps he didn’t care about that to begin with.
And his real motive was…

You sure have an interesting brother.”

But right now, we’re just enemies… We will meet on the battlefield next time.
And I won’t hold back.”

He didn’t even try to hide his hostility.
I had never seen Satomi like this before.
The relationship between real siblings who lived together since birth, was much different and deeper than relationships in games.

“The first battle will start soon.
Let’s all go and watch.”

We were surrounded by relationships and grudges.
And one had just been created between Gaming Crocks and VRHAR.
It was a battle between two strong guilds.
So how would it end?
And who would take the glory of victory…

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