out things that were the result of maximum efficiency!


Well, this was still from someone’s imagination, and wasn’t exactly minimalist, but the junction was still so… Ah, this was no time to be thinking about that!

I couldn’t see any of my party members!

Was this going to be the pattern where I had to start the battle while the whole party was scattered!?

I had to find them as soon as possible…!


That being said, I was also in a great position that offered a view over a large area.
And it would be a waste to abandon it.

There were no tall buildings close to me, so my line of fire extended far.

It would be best to unite with the others here…!


“Gar! Gar!”


“Oh! Garbow! You were nearby!”


While the Unisons also warped in random locations, the Unisons themselves knew where their comrades were, and so they would move to the closest player after being warped.

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And so it wasn’t necessarily the player who they were attached to.

So Garbow being close to me was pure luck!


Garbow had already activated B Ocean Sphere as he moved towards me.

Was it lonely being by himself?

…It would have been nice if it was something so cute, but I doubted it.

He wasn’t rushing towards me in order to jump into my arms.

He was being chased by someone…!

Or else he wouldn’t have used such a powerful charge attack already!


“Exorcism Barrier! Sniping Eye!”


I activated the barrier to protect myself against a surprise attack, and then I looked towards Garbow’s back.

But Garbow was the only thing on the road.
And he was moving straight towards me.

There was no sign of anyone else.
Though it was possible that they were invisible.

I suppose I should use Seal Demon Bind traps or try to burn it with Demon Purification Light’s lasers…






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Suddenly, the road in front of me tore apart, and something like a giant snake jumped out!

No, on further inspection, it wasn’t a snake!

Chains? Blades? Wires?


“It’s a whip sword!”


A weapon made by connecting separating blades with a wire!

The road had been destroyed from below by a giant version of it!

Now I would be separated from Garbow…!


“Gar! Gar!”


“That’s quite some speed!”


But Garbow had reached this side before the road collapsed completely!

As B Ocean Sphere was still activated, I quickly grabbed onto him so that we could escape!

Now that the enemy was so close, it was better to run…!


“Tsk! Damn it! My aim was a little off! As I was attacking from below, I couldn’t see the exact location!”


The person had attacked, missed, got angry, and then started making excuses…!

Annoyances aside, this was the voice of…Core!

So my first encounter was with the leader of the enemy party…!

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