t allow him.


I knew Big Arrow’s strengths and weaknesses.

Its strength was that it was powerful and big, and could be shot casually, as the cool down was only 1 minute!

Its weakness was that its size made it easy to see and dodge.

While I still didn’t know much about core, it was not the kind of charge attack that players in the finals should have trouble with.


However, even if it was simple, it was still a charge attack.

If you wanted to block it, you needed to use a defense charge attack.
And if you wanted to cancel it out, you needed to use an offensive one. 

He might have to show one of the tricks up his sleeve… And even if he didn’t…he would still try to use one of his skills to get away.

The road was not very wide.
And so he would have to jump to another road in order to dodge the arrow.

Yes, my aim had been to lure him into the air!

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“Garbow! Missile Fish! And I’ll…Thunder Arrow Tempest!”


An attack that unleashed enough arrows to block out the sky!

Even if you had the ability to move in the air a little, it would not be enough to escape this overwhelming attack!


“…You really are amazing.
A completely different person from before.
An actual top player.
It’s wonderful.”


It sounded like an admission of my power and his own defeat…

However, he was smiling as if highly amused.


“Charge attack, Anaconda Bellows!”


This time, it wasn’t just the tip of the sword, but the entire sword transformed into the mouth of a snake!

A huge mouth…!

And it was gaping wide so that it could swallow a standing player!


“Swallow! Anaconda!”


All the arrows and missiles in the area were sucked into the anaconda’s mouth…!

Was this a specifically anti-ranged attack method of defense!?


“Tsk…! That wasn’t enough.
Oh, well! Spit it out! Anaconda!”


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The mouth closed and then opened again.

And a thick, green bullet of energy shot out!

It was a counter attack that was enhanced by all the attacks it swallowed before…!


“Garbow! Activate Sunfish Bow!” 


Garbow’s new weapon was Sunfish Bow!

I had actually been considering a weapon that wasn’t a bow, but I had to choose it due to the name!

A giant bow floated around Garbow, and it was in the shape of a sunfish.

I had always thought that sunfish looked a little like a bow…sort of…


“Target the enemy charge attack! Fire! Sunfish Arrow!”


The arrow that the Sunfish bow unleashed didn’t even look like an arrow.

It was no wonder, as it was surrounded by a sphere of light that looked like the sun.

It was so bright and big and…slow!


The arrow was even slower than Big Arrow.
And the activation time was also long.

Which meant it could blind the enemy and act as a shield.

The charge attacks I normally used were quick and disappeared almost instantly, but having something that was the opposite had broadened my options!




The Sunfish Arrow crashed into Core’s unleashed charge attack, and killed it.

While it was slow, it was powerful!

I would continue to unleash follow up attacks while using the Sunfish Arrow as a smoke screen!

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