Data.170 – Old Bowman, Allrounder Power

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“Garbow! Gazer Fish!”


“Gar! Gar!”


Gazer Fish, the charge attack that spread out small mecha fish that had large camera eyes.

Their main purpose is to act as scouts, but they could also be used as aerial mines!

They would find out an enemy’s location and then explode when they got close, in order to block its path.


With the rules of this tournament, I would not always have the opportunity to shoot from far away.

Part of it was because the fields were random, but it was also because people were careful around me.

The parties that were really here to win would have ways of dealing with long ranged attacks.
And I wasn’t being conceited for thinking that.


And so, I also had prepared a few ways to deal with their countermeasures.

One of them was to rule the space where the battles took place…!




“Gar! Gar!”


A giant sun that acted as a shield, scattered mines, and then some clones…!

The space here was ruled…by Garbow!

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Unfortunately, as someone who specialized in Range, I could not be an all-rounder.

I had raised Garbow to be able to adapt to all kinds of situations from the beginning, so I pushed a lot onto him…well, I trusted him a lot.
That was my style.

Of course, I had not expected to be separated from my party in the tournament like this…

But if my luck had been worse, I would have had to fight Core completely alone…


“Gazer Fish, scout out the area with the clones! Attack enemies on sight!”


If we defeated Core, who was the leader, then we would gain a great advantage.

Now, this time, I would not let him get away…

On the other hand, if he did run away, it would be easier to target his back…


“Hundred Cracks! Sting Bellows!”


Core launched an attack through Sunfish Arrow!

A sting attack that was so fast I could barely see it was rushing towards me…!

So he had realized that the blinding sun would be an obstacle for me as well!


“Bring the Sunfish Bow over here! Sunpower Guard!”


There was another use for the Sunfish Bow other than having it swim in the air.

You could grip its fins and hold it up as a giant shield.

It was a weapon that could both attack and defend!

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◆ Sunfish Bow

Type: Water Unison exclusive bow

Attack: 150

Defense: 30

Magic Defense: 30

Weapon skill: Sunpower Guard

Weapon charge attack: Sunfish Arrow


Sunpower Guard was a skill that created a circular energy shield around the user.

The warm golden light would be effective against both physical and magic attacks.

Apparently, they were called sunfish because their round bodies looked like a ‘sea sun’ when floating in the water to get some sunlight.
And so they were called sunfish…

I understood why sunflowers were called that, but sunfish…too?

Well, I suppose the naming sensibilities of people were different.


Back to the main topic.

While activated, Garbow’s MP would continue to diminish, but Garbow also had the MP Regen skill with his new equipment, Ultra E Generator, which covered him.


◆ Ultra E Generator(E Tank Tandem) 

Type: Machine Unison

MP: 220

Weapon Skill: Ultra Energy Regen


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It was an upgraded version of the E Generator he used to use.
As the name implied, the weapon skill Ultra Energy Regen replenished your MP at a faster rate.

And it also raised your maximum MP.

If your max MP is higher, than the more MP you’ll recover over time.


“He’s managed to block it…! But, if he can block it with a defense skill, that means this isn’t a charge attack in spite of being so powerful…!”


My guess was that Sting Bellows was just a skill that quickly shot out the whip sword for a thrust attack.

And it must be the effect of some other skill or charge attack that he is able to activate it so many times in a row without waiting…!

Necoco had something similar.
There must be quite a lot of skills that allow you to multiply the effect of skills and charge attacks.


Under this chain of piercing attacks, Garbow’s clones and the Gazer Fish were destroyed one after another.

And so Sunfish Arrow was annihilated, and Core appeared from within the light.


“That crocodile sure is useful! I didn’t even think that Unisons were worth considering, but I was wrong.
Now it does feel like 2 vs 1… Which isn’t great for me!”




It was Core’s expression.
His mouth.
And some kind of instinct.

I immediately used First Wind Sliding Feet, which was a skill that allowed me to move a short distance at a great speed.

Just as I moved to a spot that was 2 meters away, a water bullet flew towards the place I had been standing!


“A new arrival…!?”

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“Well, it is party vs party, isn’t it?”


I saw a figure on a road that was above the junction…!

The round silhouette suggested they were wearing something like a raincoat?

Well, their appearance didn’t matter now!

I was now being attacked from both sides!


“The charge attack I targeted you with first was Big Bellows! While all it does is make my sword bigger, it also attracts a lot of attention when pointed at the sky.
So much that anyone in this field will be able to see it!”


So the first attack wasn’t just an ambush, but also to tell his friends his position!


“I raise my blade towards the heavens and tell them to gather! That’s what a party leader does! A guild master!! Now, Gela! Let’s take this old man down! It’s not cowardice! It’s a pincer attack!”


“Okay! Bye-bye old… Woah!? Ouchhh!!”


The raincoat player called Gela suddenly caught on fire!


“Being visible anywhere on the field means your enemies will see you too.
I’m sure you were expecting this.”


“Of course, I was.
I knew you would come like a fly to the flames…Satomi.”


Satomi had appeared, riding on a cloud in the sky with Gochu…!

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