ar away, it still swam around as if it had a will of its own.

And so there were times when I would try and activate the shield, only to see that it was in a completely different place.

And while it had come to me when I called it earlier, there were also times when it just ignored me…

I didn’t think that it was necessary to make its behavior so similar to an actual sunfish, but I had no choice but to just work around it.

Having great weapon skills, charge attacks and high stats was more than enough…!


“Stop spacing out! I’m the star of the show here! Me, Core!”


The whip sword extended out and began to writhe!

It was like watching an actual snake move violently around…!

There was nowhere to run in the barrier.
And so I had to get out…!


“Unison Maestro…Fire Scatter!”


“Woah!? This again? Ah, it’s hot!!”


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Now it wasn’t water bottles coming down from the sky, but fiery flower petals!

Was it Satomi’s new attack…!?


“Tsk! First its water and now its fire… Is this a battlefield!? Ah, it is a battlefield!”


Core retracted his whip sword in order to defend himself.

He was surprisingly the cautious type…

I thought that he would enter the barrier in order to get close to me.

It would also allow him to stop the attacks from the sky.
It was two birds with one stone.

And since I had predicted it, I had been ready to activate Stardust Arrow, which was my strongest attack for close range combat, as well as Garbow’s Crimson Deathroll…


Crack, crack….crack…!




The barrier was collapsing!

It had withstood the water bottle missiles and even an attack from the whip sword had only broken a part of it, but it was at its limit now…!

That’s why Core had retreated!

However, that made things easier for me now.

I just had to reactivate the skill…!


Kyuji! Let’s take on one each! It will be easier to move like that!”

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Perhaps he was right…

While I had been fighting for a while now, I was still being sandwiched by Core and Gela.
That hadn’t changed.

Though there was something comical in their attacks, they had no intention of letting me get out of the pincer attacks.

With Core in the front and Gela in the back… Instead of having to think about both and fight, it would be best to leave one of them to Satomi so that I could focus on one of them.

I hated multi-tasking!


“Let’s do that!”


“Then I’ll defeat Core!”


“…Got it!”


There was something different about Satomi today.

And while I was worried, I decided to put my faith in him.

At the very least, I would defeat Gela, so that they could continue their brotherly brawl!


“So, this is just what Core wanted after all… Oh, well! If he wants to teach his little brother a lesson so much, I won’t get in the way! Come at me, old man!”


“My pleasure…!”

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