Data.172 – Old Bowman, Umbrella and Raincoat

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I just had to defeat the enemy in front of me…

By switching my mindset to that, I felt that the scenery around me had become clearer.

It was a bit late and inefficient for that, but never mind.


When I focused on her, I saw that she looked quite young as she stood there in her raincoat.

She held a water gun in her hand, and wore matching boots.
If she wasn’t talking, you might mistake her for an actual child.

I had heard that there were a lot of battle VR games that didn’t allow you to create younger characters, in order to avoid ethical criticisms.


…But not NSO.

Well, they did at least have age restrictions for who could play, so it wasn’t completely lawless.

VR games were a little too stimulating for kids under a certain age.


“Her attacks use the water attribute.
So I should use electricity! Gatling Thunder Arrow!”


I unleashed a chain of thunder arrows at Gela-tin.

I would push hard.

As she also used ranged attacks, I could imagine what her strengths and weaknesses are.

On top of that, I had Garbow.

That would give me a great advantage…!


“Uhh… In spite of talking big, going up against the famous old bowman is… Argh! Come out! Kasako!”


Gela-tin pulled out an umbrella from her raincoat and opened it so that it blocked all the arrows…!

I see.
So she was saving it.

Indeed, the water gun seemed like a one-handed weapon, and so having a one-handed shield in the other hand would result in better balance for attack and defense.


And the umbrella could also be used as a weapon if necessary.

Anyone who ever played with an umbrella as a sword would know this!

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It was an all-rounder weapon that could even be used in close-range combat…that’s what an umbrella is!


We have to stop this old man so he doesn’t get in the way of Core and Satomi’s fight.
So let’s fight as if we just need to buy some time.”




The umbrella talked!?

Was it a Unison that could be equipped…?

No, calm down.
It wasn’t all that unusual.

Macoco Strange also had a Unison that could transform into a boomerang, which was a powerful weapon.

Now it was 2 vs 2…

So, would she come closer…?




But Gela-tin and Kasako…did not move!

While it might seem odd for me to not take advantage of this, it would also be easier for me to wait, as the cool down for the charge attacks I used against Core would finally end.

But she would know that as well…

What was she thinking…?




I see.
That’s why…!

She knew that even if we fought, she would not be able to beat me!

And so she would not be the first to attack.
Instead, she would focus on defense and buy time.

If this was just us fighting, it would be a waste of time, but since it was a party battle with a time limit, the rules dictated that the side with the most survivors would win.


And so she believed in her comrades.

As long as she could slow me down, her other party members would defeat the others and lead their team to victory…!

That’s why she didn’t attack no matter how long I waited.

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And so there was no point in waiting for her to move.


Let’s attack now!”


“Gar! Gar!”


Gela-tin shuddered at this declaration.

Now, the first attack I had decided on was…


“If you’re not going to fight, then we’ll go and help Satomi!”


I turned away from her and ran!


“…What!? Hey-hey-hey-hey! Weren’t you listening to them earlier!? They’ll hate you for getting in their way!”


“Like I care! This is a place for serious fights! Not for personal grudges from real life! Besides, I’m unemployed, so I’m going to raise my chances of getting that 25 million!”


“Why are you so childish!? Tsk…! I guess I have no choice but to attack then! I don’t want Core to hate me!”


Gela-tin jumped down from the high road of the junction.


“Parasol Parachute!”


The handle of the umbrella Unison called Kasako began to move and clutch tightly around Gela.

Now that her hand was free, she pulled out another water gun from her item box.


“I’m good at attacking the ground from the sky! No rain can stop this operation!”


So she was going to shower me with water bullets from the sky.

However, when it came to attacking things in the air, that was something I was good at!

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In the first place, I had said all of that as a way of luring her into the sky!

And now she was descending slowly in a parachute, which made her an easy target!

And so I turned around and prepared to shoot her.


“Hmph! Did you really think that I was fooled by your wooden acting? Well, it’s not like you could get past my rain attacks anyway! Yes! Mushroomcopter!”


Kasako, who had been acting as a parachute until a moment ago, was now rotating furiously like the propellers of a helicopter!

Now that she had this propelling force, Gela-tin started to shoot towards me!


“Thunder Arrow Tempest!”


Numerous arrows that were formed by lightning attacked Gela-tin and Kasako.

A helicopter was not that agile.

And she could not weave through the storm of arrows!


“I told you that I’m invincible! Kasako! Peace of Mushul Powder!”


The white powder from Kasako surrounded Gela-tin!

As soon as the arrows touched it, they lost their momentum and fell to the ground…!


“It’s a charge attack for defense! While the spores don’t cause any damage, it is still good with nullifying enemy attacks! Especially with attacks like yours, where there are lots of small projectiles! And it also lasts for a long ti- Ahhhhhh!!”


Thunder Arrow Tempest was just a smokescreen.

My real purpose was to have Garbow move under her and use Crimson Deathroll!

The spores would not be enough to stop a single, high firepower attack, and the raincoat didn’t protect her from below!


And so Gela-tin took great damage on her legs, so that red X marks appeared on them.

This had been added to show that she had lost the use of them, as some players had any depictions of gore switched off.

Indeed, up until now, it was difficult to tell, which would be an advantage to players who had it switched on.

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“Damn it…! Regeneration potion…!”


“I won’t let you!”


HP and MP recovery potions could be used easily during combat.

However, special items like recovery potions took nearly 10 seconds to have an effect.

And it wouldn’t activate if canceled midway, and you could not use skills or special attacks either.

So you would have to hide somewhere or have your friends guard you while using it.

It would be reckless to use it right in front of an enemy.


“Grrr…! Sorry, Core!”


“Garbow! Electric River! Gatling Thunder Arrow!”


After being hit by the chain of thunder attacks, Gela-tin disappeared into light.

The umbrella and raincoat that protected against rain was nothing when it came to lightning.


“That’s one down…!”


Whenever a player died, the information was immediately shared with the others.

As this was directly linked to their chances of victory, the news could cause Mad Slime Core to change their strategy…

Logically speaking, I probably should go and support Core.

As the battle started, the two brothers had gone down from the junction and disappeared into the city.
But I could still hear the sounds of them fighting.

If I wanted to go, I could…


“I’ll leave it to you, Satomi.”


It was not good to interfere in a personal battle between men.

And so I would search for a different target…!

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