It was a round, balloon-like pig!

The pig was snorting loudly and was not only unaffected by Core’s attack, but seemed oblivious of the situation!


“But there are no monsters in this field… Or is it an object?”


“Oink! Oink! Oinkkkkkk!!”


Suddenly, a gust of wind shot out from the pig’s snout.

The wind pressure was so strong that it could break your bones, and so Core activated a defense skill.


“Coil Bellows! Ha…haha… What the hell is this pig!? Huh…!?”


But then followup attacks were unleashed at Coil Bellows.

This time, it was a furious stream of water!

And then from a different direction, a burst of flames hit him!

After being hit from three directions at the same time, his skill reached its limit!




Core’s defenses failed.

But Satomi continued to give out orders!


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“Gochu! Buffi! Kapaparuto! Keep hitting him with charge attacks!”


Gochu was the familiar monkey that used magic.

The balloon-like pig was Buffi.

And Kapaparuto was a cool military kappa that wore sunglasses.


Satomi had summoned three Unisons at once!


“Fire Kindling Seed! Ultra Air Cannon! Guerilla Stream!”


Rapidfire of flame bullets!

Compressed air shot through cannons!

A sudden violent stream!


The three charge attacks shot towards Core!


“Huh? What a wonderful trump card… No, Miracle Effect!?”


Core’s whip sword began to shine in the colors of the rainbow…!


“So I’ll answer them with my own Miracle Effect then… Yurlungur.”


He swung the blades in a circle.

And after hitting each charge attack, they were annihilated…!

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“This is my Miracle Effect, Yurlungur! Normally, you’re not supposed to tell what the effect is, but I don’t care! Because it’s not like you’ll be able to do anything about it!”


Now that Satomi had appeared, Core’s blade shot towards him!


“Buffi! Unbreakable Balloon!”


Buffi moved between them and then its body inflated like a balloon.
The rainbow blade bounced right off.

And then Buffi staggered and fell to the ground.


“That much HP even when using a defense charge attack…!?”


“Of course! Because I know your weakness! Same with the charge attacks! It’s easy to kill them if you know their weaknesses! When attacking, Yurlungur automatically switches to the most effective attribute.
It’s an amazing Miracle Effect!”


“So that’s how you were able to cancel out three at once…”


“Exactly! If you thought that by using three Unisons at once, you could unleash an attack that I would be unable to deal with, you underestimated me! You’re too green! My sword can cut through anything!”


“Isn’t it too early to declare that? I haven’t shown all my hands yet either…!”


“Oh, I look forward to seeing them.
Neither of us use one shot highpower Miracle Effects, but special continuous ones.
So it’s just a matter of which runs out first… Let’s put it to the test then!”



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