Data.174 – Another Perspective: Light Piercing the Rainbow

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The three Unisons and rainbow-colored blades crossed paths repeatedly.

Yurlungur was a Miracle Effect that added a buff to your weapon, and so the whip sword could continue to unleash skills and charge attacks as usual.

The blade would constantly transform in order to hit an enemy’s weakness as it writhed on both the ground and in the air.

This was the strongest battle art of Core, the leader of Mad Slime…!


However, there was something about this fight that was bothering Core.


(Satomi doesn’t move…)


He gave out precise orders to the three Unisons, and healed them while standing his ground.

And while he seemed to be quite busy at a glance, Core was not convinced.


(Why doesn’t he move farther back? Unison Masters are the weakest job by themselves, and yet he’s staying within reach of my whip sword.
Surely he realizes that this increases the burden on the Unisons…)


Satomi was maintaining the same distance to Core at all times.

If he was just giving out orders, he could do that farther away and while hiding behind something.

And so it was odd that he was putting himself in danger like this…


(And while he is healing, he isn’t attacking.
I already know that he has attack skills that don’t rely on the Unisons.
And yet, he doesn’t attack even when there is an opening…)


While Unisons were their weapons, it wasn’t like the masters had no combat ability of their own.

And so they would have attack skills to help support their precious Unisons…

But Satomi would not attack.

He was close enough to Core, but showed no signs of attacking.

Why was Satomi doing this…?


(Perhaps it’s a demerit of Miracle Effect… He was summoning three Unisons at once.
However…it’s possible that they will be dismissed if he moves too far from them.
On top of that, maybe the Unison Master isn’t allowed to attack.
And they can only use items to heal… )


After thinking about this, it seemed rather convincing.

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In order to confirm his suspicion, Core tried to move in order to escape being surrounded by the Unisons.


“Ah…!? Wait! Are you going to run away in the middle of a fight!”


“Well, there’s nothing wrong with running from others in this game!”


Satomi was clearly a little frantic now.

And then he started to dash towards Core in order to close the gap.

Core saw this and chuckled.

It was enough to prove that his guess had been correct.


(Thinking while running is a lot harder than thinking while standing still.
And so I’ll make Satomi run here and dull his ability to make decisions! After all, I’m much more athletic than him!)


Core continued to fight while moving.

He would try to lead Satomi into making mistakes.

But even if he didn’t, he could still buy some time.

Both of them had time limits on their Miracle Effects.

And if they fought without those effects, Core would surely be stronger… That was what he believed.


(When one player summons three Unisons, their fighting force goes from one to four.
So they have four times as many moves.
But my effect is just to strengthen my sword…  And so I highly doubt that his effect will last longer! In the first place, he activated his before me!)


And Core knew that Satomi understood this.
And so Satomi would surely take a great risk before the Miracle Effect wore off…

Knowing when the moment came could be the deciding factor in this fight.


(My guess would be that it lasts for three to five minutes.
Mine lasts seven minutes, like the seven colors of the rainbow! And so I’ll take him down as soon as he loses the Unisons! And then I can go and hunt down his friends!)


As Core had guessed, Satomi’s movements started to change after three minutes.

He had brandished his weapon, which was a staff.


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(Oh, he is probably going to have them all attack at once just before disappearing… My guess is the Unisons’ charge attacks remain even after they are gone.
So I’ll have to deal with attacks from four different directions… Well, that’s easy!)


Satomi charged his staff with light and then charged at Core!

At the same time, the three Unisons prepared to attack!


“I know what you’re thinking, little brother! Let’s go, Machine God Sword – Amabami  Oomuragaki! Yamatano Oojabara!”


The rainbow-colored sword split into eight!

Each was thinner than usual, but they all moved independently!


“As I said before, my swords will cut through anything!”


Three of the blades crashed into the Unisons’ charge attacks!

The remaining five…all shot towards Satomi!


“Well, you only have to defeat the master, after all.”


Core said lazily.

However, Satomi’s expression did not change as he charged into the swords!




And with unbelievable reflexes, he escaped being dealt a fatal wound!

While he lost his left arm, had a deep wound in his right leg, and lost everything below his left knee, he continued to move forward with his staff!


(What are these reflexes…!? Surely Satomi shouldn’t be capable of such a…huh!? Auto-battle Mode!?)


Satomi had used this charge attack during the Charin battle.

As the name suggested, it was a charge attack that left the combat to an AI.

However, normally Satomi would never use this mode to attack an enemy when he would take so much damage.

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Because there was no way that he would have enough strength to defeat the enemy even if he got this close.

The AI would reject it, as it was a meaningless action…


In other words, Satomi currently had ‘something’ that would allow him to defeat Core.


“I don’t mind taking damage either! Return blades!”


The three blades that had hit the Unison charge attacks now shot towards Satomi.

While their attack ability was now lowered, they were not able to cancel out charge attacks, but Core’s instinct was telling him that he was in danger if he didn’t stop Satomi.


“Now… What?!”


The Miracle Effect should have ended, but the three Unisons returned to Satomi and blocked the blades!

Gochu was one thing, as he was treated as a player, but the other two were there as well!


“I’m a Unison Master.
They are my power until the end.”


Satomi’s shining staff hit Core in the chest.

A crest of light spread out over his body and Core’s HP dropped rapidly.


“This…Is it an instant death skill!? Tsk!”


Core made the decision quickly.

Understanding that he could not be saved, he had all eight blades cut into Satomi.

At this range, the three Unisons would not be able to stop all of them.

And so Satomi also lost his HP.


“If we both go down in a fight…then as the older brother, I am defeated.
Since when did you have an instant death attack? Surely it can’t be activated that quickly?”


“Before I activated the Miracle Effect ‘Unison Trinity.’ I won’t tell you about the effect, as there will be future fights, but it’s probably not far off from what you were thinking.”

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“Huh… Like having to be within a certain area as the enemy you want to instant kill for a certain amount of time, or not being able to attack while preparing it?”

Core said with a laugh.

Satomi chuckled as well.


“No comment.
But let’s just say that it was possible through the cooperation of my Unisons.”


“I see.”


The conversation stopped there, and the atmosphere became a little awkward.


“…Do you really hate getting advice in this game?”


“How would you feel if the entire game, up until the final boss, was a tutorial? And you can’t switch it off?”


“I’d capitalize off of making videos off of it and then curse the developers and sell it!”


“That’s how I feel.”


“I see.”


“I don’t hate a moderate amount of tutorials and help.
But they have to think about degrees, the developers.”




And then Satomi and Core turned into light and disappeared.


It was the 23rd battle in the tournament.

Mad Slime Core: 2 remaining.

Ghost Guild: 2 remaining.

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