my time was coming! And so I started swinging my spiked ball around as I walked, in order to prevent an ambush!”


“I see.
It’s true that no one would be able to get close to you if you were swinging that around.
And so, uh…did he get caught in it…?”


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“Wait! Even I am not that stupid! Don’t get me wrong! In the first place, my weapon is a bazooka! I don’t need to get close to someone in order to ambush them!”


“S-sorry… Anne, could you continue?”


“Ah, well, there isn’t much else to say.
As I was swinging it around, my hand grew tired, and I accidentally let go of the chain! And then the iron ball went flying off and hit that guy…!”


“That’s right! It hit me by accident! I was completely hidden and aiming with my bazooka.
She wasn’t even looking at me when the iron ball came flying in my direction, so I couldn’t dodge it! How was I…supposed to predict that!? Right?!”


But the members of Mad Slime CORE were trying to hold back their laughter.

They really did seem like an amusing group…


“And it hit me in the worst place! While it wasn’t an instant death, it crushed my right arm! So I couldn’t use the bazooka, as it’s a two-handed weapon, and she was quick with the followup attack, which was very powerful! Why!”


“The followup attack was mostly just reflexes! I was so shocked that I moved without thinking! I did a lot of damage because I was using a skill that gives you a boost the more you swing it.
I had thought that it was a questionable skill, as it takes a long time to get fired up, but it was quite useful this time!”


“Tsk! So luck was on your side this time! Because you’re a nun!”


“It’s just a costume.”


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So now we know the truth of Anne’s fight.

An unfortunate accident…that led to a quick followup attack and victory.

While she lacked experience, Anne’s battle instincts had led her to fight in the best way, which is what made her strong.


“Well, regardless of any of that, we were still defeated in the first round.
You’ve really done it! I have nothing else to say to you.
A loser shouldn’t be giving a winner any advice, and I’m not going to add more pressure by asking you to win for us.
Just fight in your own way and win.
Besides, I can still enjoy the benefits of a family member winning 25 million.”


“I’m not giving you a single yen.”


Satomi said flatly.

And then they both laughed.


“You could at least buy me lunch then! Also, you better check out your next opponent!”


So saying, Core and the others left.

Our next opponent…was already decided.

Because they were the people who won the battle before ours.


As our battle was coming up, I had been quite nervous while watching them, and so I remembered their name clearly.
They were called…G’z.

Apparently, they were a party made up of grandfathers…!

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