Data.182 – Old Bowman, Power of Fate

So Hatake was our third opponent…!

He had a strength that was different from merely being a skilled player, or having good equipment, or great party members.

It was like things tended to revolve around him. He had incredibly good luck.

And while his words and actions made him look like a narcissist, he was actually very modest.

It was just his luck that made him stick out…!

And because I knew this about him, in a way, he was even more intimidating than VRHAR…!

They were good at the game and had strong gear, and Im sure the others were brilliant as well, but I didnt know more than that.

And so I couldnt fear them any more.

But if I imagined Hatake seriously trying to win…

I could not imagine a scenario where the goddess of victory did not smile down on him!

“There are significantly fewer battles in the 3rd round, so we have to check the archives quickly.”

And so we watched Hatakes previous battles.

Petta, who was with us during the Scorpio Labyrinth trial, was also there.

She had short blue hair and was strikingly androgynous. And just as before, she seemed to have her work cut out for when it came to dealing with Hatake. But in the end, this was leading them to victory.

His luck was so strong that actions that seemed meaningless would result in victory… It was scary because I had witnessed it first hand…

“You seem worried, Mr. Kyuji. I heard that you were in a party with this player, Hatake. Do you know any of his weaknesses?”

“Hmm. He actually has quite a lot… I dont think hes that skilled. Hes often wide open and hesitates during fights. But…hes still strong. Somehow.”

“Yes, there are people who are like that! They are strangely lucky, and have perfect timing! Perhaps they were born under a lucky star!”

In my opinion, Anne was in the same category as that. But she seemed to be unaware of this.

Just like Hatake was also unaware…

And so he didnt actually act in a way that relied on his luck.

It wasnt done consciously… Well, perhaps it was the lack of greed that attracted good luck…

“This is the guy who was with you during the turf war, right?”

“Mmm… Yes, thats right.”

“So this Hatake isnt the only person that is really lucky. After all, you were the MVP in the end. In my opinion, you are even luckier than he is… It was because of luck that you were able to fend me off while alone… Or maybe Im just being a sore loser.”

Necoco was talking about the time that we faced each other during the turf war.

Indeed, I was all alone then, but had realized that the invisible Necoco was going to ambush me. And I suppose it was luck that I had been able to avoid it and chase her off.

If I had been killed there, my fate might have been quite different.

I may not be standing here right now.

“Well, what Im trying to say is, we also have good luck! If we think that we can win, then we can win! At this point, Ill use whatever I can, even if its spiritualism!”

“I think of it in more simple terms. There is no need to think about luck. Just believe in your own experience. That should be stronger than anything.”

Necoco and Satomi were right.

This was no time to be afraid of someone beinglucky.

And so I would tell the others everything I knew about Hatake and Petta.

It could be any small detail. It would surely help lead us to victory!

“But I… I do believe that luck exists.”

After our meeting, Anne brought the old subject back again.

Thats right… She was all about the occult…!

“I think that luck is an absolute number, and does not increase or decrease just because you use it. Like a stat in a game, where good things will be likely to happen if it is high, and bad things will happen if its low. But it doesnt deplete like MP. Its similar to your Attack and Defense. And in order to raise it…you need specific equipment or actions!”

She sure talked a lot…

“The reason why there are so many lucky charms sold in this century of science, is because humans instinctively know about thisLuck status, and that it can be raised. In order to sell something, you need to make people believe that it has value. Well, a lot of people do sell things that are fabrications, but such things will not last. The reason that the luck business has continued for so long is because there really are ways to increase ones own luck! But, and I hope that Im not exaggerating, most of the items out there are rubbish. Ahh…where is the real star of luck… Everyone wants to know, but there are no answers… How very occultic!”

Damn it. I had only caught fragments of that…

But she looked like she was going to continue talking. 

I had to wrap things up quickly…!

“I see. In other words, what will raise our luck is…our comrades!”

How romantic… The questionable line had sprung from my mouth.

Anne looked puzzled…!

“I-indeed! There are many times when you want to connect with people but never do. And trying to force it with money will just invite misfortune! But good connections will make you happy! Life is all about what kind of people you meet… I remember someone important once said that. So you may be onto something with this idea that connections are what leads to good fortune! Very good, Mr. Kyuji!”

Alright, I had wrapped things up and also raised the partys morale!

I hadnt been really thinking while saying it but perhaps this was the truth.

However, luck was not enough to win. And it was the same in games.

You needed to be a skilled player with the right stats and abilities.

Even if you were lucky enough to be able to dodge an attack, the damage would still be calculated when you were hit, and it would be over when it reached zero. There was no luck involved with that.

I was the Old Bowman. I would twist fate itself and shoot my arrows…!

‘And now the 6th battle of the 3rd round! Paradise Parade VS Ghost Guild! The chosen field is… Jumbo Athletic Park!

On the monitor, there was a giant slide, jungle gym, swing…and obstacle courses made of wooden platforms hanging from ropes, and nets that you had to climb.

Even someone as old as me thought it would be fun to play on them, as long as no one was watching.

So it would be a dreamlike place for children.

On the other hand, there were no areas that were really high, or durable structures that you could hide behind.

It wasnt the best environment for me…

“Dont worry, Mr. Kyuji! I will be your shield if you need one!”

“Anne… Thanks. Ill be counting on you!”

I couldnt forget that I had reliable advance guards.

Besides, if there were no durable walls, that also meant that there was nothing to stop my arrows.

If I stayed on the offensive…I could do this!

‘Both parties to the battlefield!

And so the Ghost Guild warped to the athletic park.

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