ckly hid behind a great log that was sticking out of the ground.

I needed to understand what had happened.

The reason that the attacks had turned around was because of the miracle effect that Hatake had shouted. Death Flag.

If I were to guess, all of the attacks then move towards the person with the flag…?

If this was the case, there was nothing that we could do. And we would all be killed!

No, wait. This was a miracle effect.

And miracle effects had very long cool down times.

It would definitely be longer than the 30 minutes that a battle would take.

In other words, he wont be able to use it again!

What we needed to do was not let Satomis death scare us, and continue to fight…!

“Old man! Its an honor to be able to fight against you! Normally, I would be no match for a player like you! But just this once, I am going to beat you! By using this Death Flag repeatedly!”

Hatake sounded very confident.

He really was serious this time…

Given his personality, I had thought that he would talk to me in the waiting area. But he hadnt done that.

There was no sympathy or banter here… It was a serious battle between men…!

But never mind that. Did he say he was going to use the miracle effect repeatedly!?

Was such a thing possible!?

“Do you know of the item, Ultra Cool Chestnut? If you use it, you can immediately end the cool down of a charge attack or miracle effect!”

“W-what!? There is such an item!?”

“There is!”

I was speechless…

In the meantime, Necoco joined the conversation.

“I have that item too! But just one! And that was with luck. Its so rare that most people wouldnt even be able to get one of them. And so no one puts it into their item set. If you have space for an item that shortens cool down time just once, then youre better off using that space for equipment that has a charge attack. It will broaden your options and can be a backup if your main equipment breaks!”

“That would be true, if you only had one Ultra Cool Chestnut, little kitty! But I happen to have 10 of them! They were just in my item box before I knew it. I dont even remember how I got them.”

“N-no one is that lucky!”

“And so I placed them in the valuable item slot! You are allowed to have 10 of the same item! If I can ignore the cool down 10 times… Even I can beat someone like you…!”

I see. Hatake had a really high opinion of me.

And so he was taking this very seriously.

He saw me as someone who was strong…!

“Since I owe a great debt to you, I wanted to know how you were going to lose! As one pro to another! Besides, I have to shoutDeath Flag! when using it, and you have to be within range to hear it clearly. And so Im not telling you because Im underestimating you or anything!”

This wasnt the same Hatake who mistook a strong charge attack as something useless…!

If I didnt think of something soon, we would all die…!

“Now, take this! Death Flag!”

It was activated…!

A flag would appear on the head of the player who was targeted!

It had been that way with Satomi earlier.

Who would it be this time…

I looked at Garbow, Necoco, and Anne. None of them had it.

So, was it me then…!?

But when I touched my head, there was nothing there…

I looked at Necoco but she shook her head and gestured that there was nothing.

…And a light flashed through my brain.

“Everyone! Use a fast charge attack! Windgod Sky Tear! Garbow, Tentacle Laser!”

“Thunder Sky Sever Claws – Dual Claws!”

“Mach Shooting Star!”

The charge attacks were unleashed without aiming, and they shot as if being pulled in a certain direction. And then they crashed into an obstacle.

At the same time, one member of the enemy party, a tanned, muscular guy with sunglasses, died according to the announcement!

“The death flag…doesnt differentiate between friend or foe!”

Now we were equal.

Apparently, we were lucky as well…!

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