Data.184 – Old Bowman, Charge Attack Dance

“Hey-hey-hey! You didnt say anything about the death flag affecting us too!”

Petta was furious…!

So the others didnt know!?

That was a surprise, as I had assumed they were using the Miracle Effect with the knowledge that they were at risk, but believing in their own luck.

Still, it was best to let them fight for now.

I might be able to hear something useful about the effects of Death Flag.

My guess was that everyone within range, regardless of them being friend or foe, was a target for having a flag grow out of their head. And then all of the attacks would be drawn towards them. But if there were some other rules that dictated who was chosen, I wanted to know.

Otherwise, it would just continue to be Hatake trying out his luck.

“Sorry, but I kept it from you all on purpose.”

“Wh-why! Were comrades!”

“But wouldnt you all become anxious if you knew? I looked at the comments on our last prank video, and people were saying that you looked too nervous and were giving it away. They were starting to think that it was fake.”


“I couldnt really tell, to be honest. But I suppose viewers are a lot more sensitive to such things. And so in order to make the enemy believe that the miracle effect would only target them, we needed to have perfect poker faces.”

“Hmm… Still… Even if we did look nervous, its not like they would be able to tell the effect. So you could have still told us in advance.”

“But that old guy is a really good player! I think…he would definitely notice!”

He was certainly exaggerating…!

I would not have guessed that the Death Flag could affect them as well, just because they looked nervous!

Besides, this was a battle with a great audience, so it wasnt even strange that they would look anxious…

We all were!

“He is strong! The only way that I can beat him is with my luck! I dont really know if my luck is that strong, but everyone says that it is. And so I must rely on it…! And this…chaos is the only way! Death Flag!”

He ended the conversation with Petta by using the Miracle Effect again…!

We all looked at each others heads and then made anX with our arms to show that the other player was safe.

In other words, the death flag wasnt on any of us.

So…it was on the enemy again!

We needed to use our charge attacks…!

That being said, I had already used Arrow Tempest and Windgod Sky Tear!

Charging with Im Arrow was too dangerous, and Indras Arrow would take too much time to fall…

“Gatling Inferno Arrow! Garbow! Use Missile Fish!”

“My ranged charge attack is…ah, Claw Missile!”

“Uh, how about Rolling Daybreak Star!”

As we were using too many charge attacks, it was getting difficult to deal a lot of damage.

That being said, if it was a clean hit, it should be enough to kill someone who was a lightly armored rear guard…!

“Miracle Effect… Sound Society!”

With Petta in the center of the party, five lines wrapped around them and numerous musical notes began to dance on top of them. 

While a few arrows managed to slip through, most of the attacks were erased by the notes.

I see. Defense skills with no attack ability were not affected by Death Flag.

We would need to use Miracle Effects to break through the defense of that Miracle Effect, but should we really use them here…

After all, the defense effects would wear off with time.

And they would not be able to go on the offensive now that the Death Flag had grown.

So it might be best to wait and save our Miracle Effects…

“Thanks, Petta! Wait. This time, Ill make it grow on one of them! With my luck…”

“Dont do it. It wont work. Youve always been like this. Your luck abandons you when you think about it too much. If it was so easy, you would be a billionaire and nothing would be able to stop you.”

“B-but, this is the only way…”

“Hatake! You are enough! Dont do something that you arent used to. You are strong as yourself! Ive told you to act like a leader or do your best because youre the most popular on the team, but there is no need to take it so seriously! Thats our job!”

“…Hmm. Fine. I was just thinking about how I dont like to think too much while moving. And so from here, I will go back to how I always am and… Death Flag!”

What!? It sounded like he was going to stop using it!?

Was it a bluff!?

No, no…! They would be in control again…!

I had to find out who had the flag…!

It wasnt on Garbow.

And it wasnt on Anne.

But Necoco…


Necocos head…there was a small golden flag between the cat ears.

So it works out for him once he stops overthinking it…!?

Thats ridiculous…

“I did it, Petta! I listened to your advice and it worked!”

“Thats not what I meant… But you are amazing. My Miracle Effect is about to wear off. So youll have to make up for it!”

“Of course!”

Then the charge attacks came…!

As we had used so many attacks, there was nothing left for defense…

“Invisible Catwalk!”

Necoco jumped out from behind a wall and dashed!

…And then she disappeared.

“Hey, hey. Now we wont know where to attack!?”

“Dont worry! The effect of the Death Flag is still activated even if you cant see her! So just keep attacking randomly!”

“No! Dont do that!”

It was the third member of Paradise Parade, who had been quiet up until now. He had an Arabian turban around his head and carried golden cymbals. His name was Cymba Dot.

“She is clearing trying to lure the attacks towards her and then hit us with them! It would be possible with her speed!”

He had a feminine voice…!

Well, it wasnt unusual these days, especially in the great age of VR.

If there were people like that in real life, then there would be characters.

It made him more memorable and he looked strong…!

“But if we dont attack, well be the ones who are targeted!?”

“Focus on the sounds and the dust! If shes running at full speed, she wont be able to hide…!”

Cymbas body flew into the air.

And then his head…was cut off from his body…!

It was clear that Necoco had attacked him, but I thought that I had gore effects turned off!?

In-in any case, now there was one less enemy…

“I see! You can pass on the death flag by touching someone! And it will work on a dummy made with a charge attack skill!”

Cymba appeared from the smoke.

So the thing that had been decapitated was…a doll!

“Ninpo – Body Replacement Technique! I saw the flag move over to the dummy! Your special Miracle Effect…might be more useful than it seemed at first, Hata-chan!”

He was also…a ninja!?

But his weapon was cymbals…!?

The fact that such combinations were possible showed how much freedom there was in NSO, but he was also amazing for thinking of such a thing…!

“Ahhh, this is no time to be stunned by my appearance! What is really amazing…is my technique!”

Up until now, Cymba had been silent and had only used sound skills with the cymbals.

In other words, this person was strong enough to have plenty of tricks that they could save for later…!

“While testing your luck is fun, dont you think its time for a real fight? After all, we are in the top 16!”

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