Data.185 – Old Bowman, Group Battle

Top 16…huh.

Now that I thought about it, we had come quite far.

There were only three battles left then. So we only needed to win three more times and wed be the winners…

Well, we had to get through this current battle first!

“Thats a nice charge attack you have there! But a charge attack that can nullify attacks is not likely to be able to be used repeatedly!”

Necoco deactivated Invisible Catwalk and showed herself. And then she launched an attack on Cymba.

“There is no need to use it repeatedly! I only blocked that attack as a test. Its not like I cant dodge it! And you should know that I could have even countered it if I wanted to! Now, eat this! True Shadow Clone Shuriken!”

Cymba threw the cymbals in his hands.

Wait, those were shurikens!?

As I looked on in surprise, the cymbals separated so that they covered a wide area…!

“If I can attack over a wide area, it doesnt matter if youre invisible or not…!”

I had to help Necoco…!

And so I grabbed the Sunfish Bow that was floating next to me and aimed at Cymba.

“Sunfish Arrow!”

A giant ball of light shot out and turned into a shield to block the attack!

I knew that these spreading type charge attacks were weak to more focused charge attacks.

Because I often had my own arrows spread out…!

“Thanks, old man!”

Necoco hid behind the ball of light until the shurikens passed her.

Now, how should we move from here…

There were 3 enemy players left, and 1 Unison.

Hatake, Petta, Cymba, and a parrot called Paroro.

We were also 3 and 1 Unison.

Me, Necoco, Anne, and Garbow.

While both sides had lost a player, the fight had only just started.

And so it was too early to say which side was winning.

The problem was that we were all concentrated in a single place…!

Up until now, it had always been 1 vs 1, so we werent used to these kinds of group battles.

And more than anything, the Ghost Guilds very own philosophy meant we werent good with cooperation.

Its true that sometimes, it worked out surprisingly, and we cooperated and defeated enemies. But I was still worried.

If possible, I wanted to separate the enemy and target them individually. But Satomi was the smart one who would have a good idea in such situations, but he was gone.

And so the rest of us would have to think of something… Huh?

Anne is gone now…!?

I scanned the area.

Surely…she isnt dead.

No, she wasnt.

Her head was poking out of a pipe that was coming out of the ground.

However, when had she moved over there?

I was sure that she had been hiding behind a different pipe…

Could it be…that they are connected underground?

Just like in that other famous video game…

But that was ridiculous.

But this was NSO!

Thanks to Anne and the pipes, I thought of a good plan.

However, if told it to her through voice, then the enemy would hear.

And so…I had to use Letter Arrow!

This skill had two different effects.

One was to learn about monsters, which was how I usually used it.

The other was…as the name implied, record words or sounds and send them!

And so I would use it to tell Necoco and Anne about my plan.

While using Clear Arrow so the enemy didnt see it…

The enemy would also be thinking about their next move now.

And while Cymbas wide area attacks were restricting our movement, friendly fire was turned on in this battle, and so Hatake and the others could not easily step into the shuriken storm.

In other words, Cymba was also restricting their movements as well.

And I was pretty sure it was being done deliberately.

Hatake clearly wanted to use Death Flag again.

His main ability was with buffs, but he was abandoning that to rely on his luck.

And so Cymba was buying some time so they could calm down.

Because he was strong, he could win if some buffs were cast on him… That was probably the idea behind this.

At the end of the day, Hatake was popular.

And so everyone naturally started to fight with him in the center.

After all that, perhaps Hatake would finally change the way that he fought.

Maybe we didnt need to worry about Death Flag any…

“Death Flag!”


Perhaps I was hearing things… No!

A small golden flag had appeared on Garbows head!

I thought that I was starting to understand the way Hatake thought, but I was wrong…!

“But, Garbow can… Kurokogairu!”

Cymba had said it earlier.

You could touch someone and move the flag to them. And it didnt matter if it was a dummy!

So I could move the flag to a clone with Kurokogairu, and then we could use Blue Ocean Sphere to move away.

Perhaps the enemy has already unleashed their attacks.

We had to move quickly…!

“There you are!”


Petta was targeting us.

She must have predicted that the target would try and rub the flag onto someone else!

But even if she did that, all of the attacks would go to the dummy now that the flag had appeared…

“High Attack Enhance!”

Hatake cast a buff on Petta.

Did she really mean to attack…!?

“Sonic Blast… Woah!?”

A sticky iron ball hit Pettas body.

This…was Annes Sticky Star!

“Shit! What is this disgusting thing!”

“Why are you able to use a skill so quickly!? As the Death Flag was on the dummy a moment ago, there would have been a danger of all the attacks being pulled over there…!”


Indeed, the dummy was gone!

The plan was likely to use a small skill to find the position of the enemy with the flag, and then destroy it, obstacle and all, with a large skill.

The good thing about this plan was that even if it was on Garbow, the attacks wouldnt be wasted.

They already knew about Garbows clones because of the fight with Mad Slime CORE, and it would be possible to kill a dummy even with the small skill.

Because it would be a waste to kill a dummy with a charge attack after being buffed…

Still, Annes attack had been quick.

You would have to unleash the skill at the same time that Hatake and the others used small attacks to destroy the dummy, or it would be difficult to stop Pettas attack like that.

However, it should also have meant that there was a risk of attacking your own comrades…

“Sticky Star is just a skill that sticks to enemies! Even if it hits them hard, the stickiness absorbs the impact and there is no damage! In other words, it has no attack ability at all! It isnt affected by the Death Flag!

I see…!

Just like with the effect of defense abilities, no-damage effects also go right past Death Flag.

Thats why Anne had been quick to move.

Because she wouldnt be affected by Death Flag either way…!

“And now I will swing it around and hit it against the ground! It should also be impossible for impact or fall damage from hitting something to be pulled by Death Flag!”

And so Anne began to swing the iron ball while Petta was still stuck to it.

It was a cruel but sure way to kill…!

“Pe-chan! How terrible…! I will help you!”

“Your opponent is me!”

Necoco moved in front of Cymba.

Anne would defeat Petta.

In that case, I had to…

“E-everyone! What should I do…!”

Ill take down…Hatake.

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