Data.186 – Old Bowman, True Ability

“What…why do you look like you think its over…! Its…only just begun!”

Petta shouted, even as she was being spun around.

She had a lot of guts, that was for sure…!

“This…is no time…to be saving…! Combination charge attack…!”

And then…Petta and her parrot Unison combined!?

“Angel Descent: Trumpetter.”

Annes iron ball stopped its rotation.

No, it was stopped…by the wings that grew from Pettas back!

“Ah, damn it! Since the iron ball is stuck right on my back, I cant fly away!”

“Tsk…please stop moving like that! Just be quiet and let me slam you onto the ground!”

“A mere nun should not antagonize an angel!”

“As I said before, Im only a nun in appearance…!”

And then the tug of war between Anne and Petta began.

The fact that a combination charge attack was even struggling against Sticky Star suggested that the flight ability was merely a bonus.

Its real ability lay somewhere else…!

The design of the trumpet had changed, making it most suspicious… What should I do?

The enemy had used a combination charge attack, so maybe I should risk it as well?

“Combination charge attack. Armageddon Arrow!”

Both the enemy and my comrades looked shocked as I suddenly unleashed it.

It was no wonder…even I was surprised!

Why had I done such a thing?

It was to end this group battle that was completely unbalanced!

My target was…Petta, who was still stuck to the iron ball!

“So its me! Well, I dont even care anymore! Echo, the sounds of the end. Now, I will undo the final seal…”

And then six angels descended around Petta.

Each of them was carrying the same trumpet as her.

“Apocalypse Melody!”

The six of them…no, seven, including Petta, began to play their instruments.

The sounds had colors that shone like a rainbow, and they took shape and clashed with Armageddon Arrow.

Like this, Pettas trump card was depleted, and the mysterious parrot Unison was also taken out.

Now it was just a matter of what was stronger, armageddon or apocalypse…

“…Its a draw!”

Sound clashed against object and reverberated.

By crashing into the high speed arrow that was Armagedon Arrow, Apocalypse Melody flew around everywhere randomly, hitting obstacles, enemies and friends alike as if it was rain.

So she had shot it making it look like it was for self-defense, but it was actually a wide area attack.

And now I was the one who was in danger…!

But Armageddon Arrow was still shooting towards Petta!

“Shit! Hurry up and shatter, iron ball…!”

Anne was still trying to hit Petta against the ground with it.

Even when the reverberating sounds hit her, she did not let go of the chain…!

However, the iron ball was at its limit.

After being hit by so many sounds…it shattered into pieces!

With the connection gone, Anne was thrown to the ground, and so was Petta, who was unable to kill her momentum.

“Tsk…I lost one of my legs.”

A redX mark appeared near her left knee.

It had probably been destroyed by Armageddon Arrow. However, she still had the wings on her back.

If you could fly, then there was no need for legs…!

“Hehehe! It looks like you got carried away, old man!”

“Phew… A little warning before smashing two great attacks together would have been nice… I was so surprised I nearly dislocated my back.”

Hatake and Cymba popped out from the ground.

So thats where they had been hiding…!

I had completely lost track of their positions.

“Ninpo. Mole Conceal Art! Its not a flashy skill, but being able to hide in the ground in an instant can be very useful for emergency evasions!”

“We knew about the nature of Pettas combination charge attack and the randomness of the sounds. And so we hit right away! Well, I was just following Cymbas lead… But everything turned out well in the end!”

“On the other hand, you people were too slow in running away! And your gear is in tatters! Ill put you out of your misery now!”

“Thunder Tiger Ball!”

But then Necoco intercepted Cymba as he moved to destroy Anne.

Thunder Tiger Ball was a simple charge attack that launched a ball of lightning, but it had great power and speed, on top of affecting a wide area, which made it easy to use.

Even then, it was not good enough to hit a fast ninja.

Cymba dodged it easily and then switched his target over to Necoco.

“So you were alive, kitten. I was wondering why there was no announcement! I thought you would be killed in the storm of sounds, but I suppose you were underground as well!”

Necocos Drill Claw was a skill that allowed her to spin her nails at a high speed and dig into the ground.

After she used it during the Charin fight, it became one of her most famous skills.

However, for someone who had been underground, she seemed to have taken a lot of damage.

Especially with her armor…!

“Didnt you learn last time that things will go into the hole if you dont block it afterward? This time it was the sounds. They probably reverberated a lot down there. And even if you can recover your HP, you wont be able to fix your gear… Oh, your cat ears are gone!”


“In the first place, you were already losing while the situation was equally favorable for both of us. So there is no way that you can win in this situation… Huh!?”

Windgod Sky Tear stabbed into Cymbas neck.

It was impressive that he could move so precisely in spite of talking so much.

His voice echoed all of the way to me, and it was difficult to hit him.

“What…whats this!? An arrow…the old man!? But, how…where was he hiding… Gah!”

The fact that he stopped talking was proof that I got a clean hit.

From this distance, it was hard to aim at a target even while using Sniping Insight. And so it was good that I could tell that it was a clean hit.

Now, it was time to pursue the other enemies.

“Ah…! Hatake, Cymba! Over there… Gahh!?”

As Petta was using her wings to fly, I should do extra damage if I could hit her.

So even an average skill like Thunder Arrow would deal great damage.

“I see…! It looks like we forgot something very basic…!”

Ah, embarrassingly, I had forgotten as well.

The reason that I never ran away from 1 vs 1 fights was because if I ran away and encountered an enemy, I would die a wasteful death.

The result was that I adventured without really making use of my long Range, and relied on skills and charge attacks to kill enemies.

I had improved so much that it was possible to do such things.

However, now that I thought about it, I knew the positions of all the enemies this time.

In that case, there was no reason to face them and fight head on.

I should just use Warp Arrow to reach a high platform!

“Um, that really far away jumbo slide… The old bow guy is on top of it!”

No…I wasnt the old bow guy.

Im the Old Bow Man with Maxed Range!

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