r>However, that was only in a small park where there were hardly any other people.

You wouldnt be able to do it on a big slide like this, as a lot of other people would be sliding down.

Kids, dont copy this at home!

“Actually…this is very tiring…!”

I would not be able to get back to the top immediately…!

Oh, well. I would take pauses to cover my teammates and then start climbing when I have a chance to…!

You can do it… Necoco, Anne!

◆ ◆ ◆

“Well, look at that. The old man is playing on the slide! We shouldnt have allowed him to run so far away, but I suppose we can take out the others while hes struggling over there. So it all works out for us in the end!”

Cymba sounded like he was in a good mood, but deep inside, he was annoyed at having allowed Kyuji to escape.

The impact of Death Flag had been so great that Kyuji himself forgot to fight in the way that he knew best, so it was no wonder that Cymba would forget as well.

However, as a veteran who sometimes led the party, Cymba had a strong sense of responsibility that he could not shake off.

(Hata-chan accepted an old and lonely gamer like me. While it was to balance out a guild that had too many people that were accepted based on uniqueness, I am still grateful…)

Hatakes guild was a complete mess, so much so that he once had to rely on Kyujis help in order to clear one of the trials for the zodiac labyrinths.

After that, he tried to bring in players who could fight and add stability.

Because if they were going to struggle during that event, then they would surely struggle even more in future events.

And so Cymba thought that as a result of that, he was invited to join. But it was not the truth.

Because they had not yet found a stable member who could fight.

So, why was he invited to join…?

It was because he too was someone so unique that it would be hard to find a better match for the guild!

Yes, just by being an Arabian, feminine ninja character, he had been invited.

While Cymba had misunderstood the intent, there was nothing calculated about their relationship.

In fact, it was unlikely that the wordcalculated even existed in Hatakes dictionary.

(Wait for me, everyone…! I will lead us to victory! Now, its time to strike back!)

Just then, a hole opened up under Cymbas feet.

“What!? Ahhhhhh!!”

It was so sudden that he couldnt even enter a defensive stance as he fell heavily on his haunches.

“You were saying something earlier about plugging holes so that things dont fall in afterwards… Was that about the Charin fight?”

It was Necoco who waited in the bottom of the pit.

She had used Drill Claw to dig through the ground and avoid Kyujis Inferno Arrow Tempest, and then moved right under Cymbas feet.

“Th-thats right! Its a famous story! Had you self-destructed instead of digging a hole and running away, Charin would not have been able to use the hole and escape. Then you could have won that battle much easier…!”

“I cant believe you would say that to my face!! Something thats been bothering me all of this time…! Youll pay for this!”


And inside of the hole, the fury of the cat exploded…!

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