with eyes.

With just one hit, there was a deep cut in Cymbas armor, and it no longer functioned as protective gear.

His HP had also been reduced dramatically, and he would not be able to fight unless he recovered it.

“What did you do!? Tell me… Nevermind! My fate is already decided! I have nothing to say or hear! Do it!”

“Thunder Claw!”

Claws enveloped in thunder slashed at Cymbas neck.

Thunder Claw was a basic skill, but it did a lot of damage.

And it was enough to take away the remainder of Cymbas HP.

“The sudden rise in attack ability… I think I know the reason. But I wont say it. So there is no need to tell me, kitten. Women should have their secrets… Also, Im sorry. For digging into that old wound…”

“I know in my head that it cannot be helped that people bring it up…! Its only natural for people to make jokes when a professional makes a mistake. I understand that…! But my heart rejects it! And I have to be more calm…!”

“Hehehe… The heart of a girl is a strange thing… It seems that you are striving to be a cool and dry player like Macoco, but youll never catch up by doing the same thing. You must find your own style, little kitten…”

And then Cymba turned into light and disappeared.

“Ah! Sorry, Hata-chan and Pe-chan! Ill be rooting for you, so do your best!”

Only his voice echoed in the pit.

Cymba had been strong. Perhaps even stronger than Necoco…

The reason for his defeat was that he was slow to realize the effect of the fixed statusWild Life that was a part of Necocos special 3rd job, Beast Gladiator.

Wild Life was similar toSpirit, which was the fixed status for warriors. And your Attack, Magic Attack, and Speed stats rose the more damage you took.

And while they could rise tremendously, your Defense and Magic Defense dropped instead.

A wounded beast could be the most dangerous in combat, but it was still a dangerous power that could quicken your death.

Furthermore, there were special settings for Wild Life.

Normally, this effect of becoming stronger after taking damage would disappear if you healed your HP.

However, it did not with Wild Life.

Just like how healing a wound doesnt erase the fact that there was a wound, you could heal your HP and your attack ability against a target would continue to rise in proportion to how much damage the target inflicted on you.

And if the target was in a party, then it affected the whole party.

So if you took damage from one of them, then your attack ability against the others would also rise.

In this case, as Necoco had taken great damage from Petta, her attack ability against Cymba had also increased.

Wild Lifes effect would slowly decrease and eventually disappear if she did not take damage from the target, or in turn, deal damage towards the target for a long time.

A peaceful time makes you forget your anger.

Furthermore, there were limits to how high or how low your stats could change, and so the strengthening or weakening was not infinite.

There wasnt likely to be a player here who would have been able to guess all of these conditions.

However, it would not be widely known that Necoco Strange had a method for making up for her low firepower.

Up until recently, she had been targeting necks in order to hide her weakness, but now she was boldly attacking torsos.

This was one of the difficult elements of being watched during a tournament.

(He was so strong…! And since I showed one of my trump cards, a part of me cant be too happy in spite of winning… But, I will be happy! Because I won! Ill think about the next fight when the time comes…I think…)

Necoco was starting to be affected by Kyujis optimistic way of viewing things

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