more, if you had to attack and dodge while in the air, perfect control would require more than average amount of effort.

However, Petta was able to do it. She did it in order to support Hatake.

(I received a good buff from Hatake. And so I should have no trouble when it comes to firepower and durability. I just need to defeat her while it still lasts…)

A flying arrow scratched Pettas leg.

Yes. She was also exposed to the attacks of Kyuji, the archer.

Currently, Hatake was using his skills to stop the arrows, but some of them curved and bounced and got past him.

In spite of shooting them in such strange ways, they still hit their target.

(Damn it…! I saw that he was an impressive player at the scorpio pyramid, but hes improved since then…! I cant fight while being targeted by such a monster! We need to defeat the nun and cat quickly so we can focus on him…!)

And so Petta fought a desperate battle against Anne.

She slipped past the swinging iron ball and closed in…!

“Gemini Stars!”

The iron ball was on one end of Annes chain.

However, there was also a small, decorative iron ball on the other end…or there should have been.

But when Anne shouted, that iron ball also grew large and spikes appeared.

“Mach Star!”

As the iron ball shot towards her, Petta twisted her body in an attempt to dodge it.

But even if she was hit, she could not back down now…!

In the end, Petta lost her remaining right leg, but she managed to survive!

“I got you…! Melodius the Ripper!”

She blew into her trumpet and swiftly moved her head from side to side.

The invisible sound attacks cut the chains of Annes weapon…!

(Even if she has another one, she wont be able to take it out in time! Ill slam her with follow up attacks and it will be over! And though shes an advance guard, her armor is in tatters… And this is my strongest sound attack…!)

—Cymba Dot of Paradise Parade is eliminated!

The announcement suddenly rang in their heads.

“Thunder Sky Sever Claws – Dual Claws!”

Blades of thunder pierced into Pettas back.

After losing its wings, the angel…fell to the ground.

“Shit…! Cymba didnt make it then…! However, I still have my arms! The music can continue…”

“Chain Punch!”

The chain was wrapped around Annes fist as she dealt the finishing blow.

Petta barely had any HP left after being hit by Necocos charge attack while she was still under the effect of Wild Life.

And so her body turned into light and started to disappear…

“Sorry…Hatake… I wasnt able to do much…”

“Full Enhance.”

As if to answer Pettas words, Hatake activated a charge attack.

Full Enhance would enhance all of his abilities for three minutes…

“You dont need to say that. You did well, Petta.”

“But I left you alone…!”

“Yes. I am…still here.”

His expression wasnt tense like at the beginning of the fight. But it wasnt his usual relaxed expression either.

However, Hatake was smiling.

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