have been programmed in advance to come and help wounded players.

“Where am I?”

“Where are you? Why, this is the ‘Hidden Windcloud Settlement’! It’s rather out of the way, but you’d be surprised at how comfortable life is here! There is even a way to descend from the Windcloud Mountain, and we actively trade with other towns.”

You could have a proper conversation if they had answers to your questions.
Otherwise, it was just short replies.

Furthermore, you could not attack NPCs.
In the first place, outside of parks, you couldn’t even use skills within a town.
I heard that this included using your fists to attack people as well.
In other words, it would be quite difficult to cause mischief.

Though, I did hear about people looking underneath NPC’s skirts.
This involved crawling on the floor and looking up.
Obviously, such behavior was a good way to anger female players.
Furthermore, management might intervene if you blocked people’s path as well.

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Well, it wasn’t surprising.
Most boys seemed to look when there was a 3D model in front of them.
Perhaps it was some kind of instinct…

In any case, this was not time to be thinking about that.
I had learned that this town was called the ‘Hidden Windcloud Settlement’ and that the mountains were the Windcloud Mountains.
The problem was getting back to the original town.

As this was also a town, I could just make it my new base and go on adventures and participate in events from here.
However, I was a little lonely…
There were no other players here.
And so I missed the lively town that I started in…

In MMOs, it wasn’t just about parties, guilds, and friends.
Part of the fun was in seeing the outfits of other players, listening to conversations, and other casual interactions.
It reminded you that you weren’t alone in this world.
I had learned that this was what made online games interesting.

However, it was also exciting to go adventuring to places that were undiscovered.
It was time to organize my thoughts.

It was possible to fast travel between towns.
In other words, warping.
However, there were requirements that needed to be fulfilled in order for this ability to be unlocked.
As the first town was already unlocked, I just needed to fulfill the requirements for this one, and then I would be able to move freely between towns.
And so I would try and finish that before logging out for the day.

But I felt as if I was forgetting something…

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“Ah!? I didn’t check my rewards for hunting the dragon!”

I had been so desperate for new equipment that I even clung onto information that turned out to be false.
And yet I forget when I finally acquire it…
I was either going senile or the joy of winning had erased my memory.
Indeed, there was no reward greater than the emotion you felt.

That being said, one did want something that lasted.
They say that you usually get a full set after killing a rare monster, so what could I have acquired?

“Let’s see… ‘Proof of the Windcloud Dragon’?”

It looked like some kind of emblem.
The dragon I just defeated was on it.
Was it categorised as an accessory?
Or was it just an item…

“Aaahhh!? Is that…the Proof of the Windcloud Dragon?”


The NPC had dialogue related to this emblem!?
Now that I thought about it, this was the ‘Hidden Windcloud Settlement.’
It must be related to the dragon then.

“So-someone! Go and call the elder! The person with the proof of the Great Windcloud Dragon has appeared!!”

He said as he went off somewhere.
Great Windcloud Dragon…huh.
Was that dragon venerated here?
But I…killed it.

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