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It was kind of like the move from pixel art to 3D.

You needed great skill to go against the tide.

Not someone like me, who just wanted to wallow in the past.


“Yes, from today, I am just another wandering fish.”


I said as I pulled out the latest VRMMORPG from its bag.
It was called ‘Next Stage Online.’

It was made by…no, nevermind.

Perhaps it was because I was in the same industry, but thinking about the company too much would get in the way of my enjoyment.


In any case, I had bought the hardware and the game as a set.

I boasted a capsule-type VR machine in my house.

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Well, I say ‘boast,’ but it wasn’t even that expensive.


“Huh? Where do you put the game in?”


In spite of owning it, I had been so preoccupied with my job that I barely paid it any attention.

Thankfully, it meant that I had a decent amount of savings.
And so even when I was unemployed like I was now, I could sit back and enjoy a game.


If it came down to it, perhaps it wouldn’t be too bad becoming a pro-gamer or streamer.

People used to have a lot of opinions about that, but it was considered a real profession these days.

It would be pretty cool to go from game developer to professional gamer.


“Ah, it goes in here.”

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I put in the software.

Alright, now to power it on.




Did they call it a deep base?

That sound that made you feel a machine was running.

The little kid in me couldn’t help but feel excited.


Well, I had plenty of time.

I wanted to enjoy a game without thinking about anything else.

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