And at nearly 500 meters distance, it would take a few seconds for the arrow to land.

Up until now, there had always been a decent amount of space between enemy and ally, so I didnt have to worry about shooting the wrong person.

Anne would swing her weapon and keep the enemy away, while Necoco dragged enemies into holes, so I never really had to support them.

It would have been difficult to do that anyway, while worrying about Hatake, Petta and Cymba. And so I was grateful for that.

However, Anne and Hatake were much too close now.

Besides, he was so fast. And I could not predict where he would be a second later.

There was nothing that I could do…!

But Annes HP would not last much longer…!

“In that case, I will sacrifice myself, just like a nun might!”

And then Anne threw her arms around Hatake as he attacked her!

“Necoco! Get us both…!”

“Raijin Zekku!”

For a second, Necoco disappeared, and then she reappeared in a different spot.

Raijin Zekku cut through the enemy at a speed that the eye couldnt follow…!

This charge attack was like a close-range version of my own Windgod Sky Tear, and it had cut into Hatakes neck.

“Uhhh… To think that I lost due to inferior power….!”

Anne had been shaken off and their places had been reversed!

In spite of being a Flag Magician rear guard who mainly buffed others, with Full Enhance alone, he had more power than even an advance guard…!

And so it was Anne whose neck was cut. Her HP went down to 0 as she died.

“Target him when it wears off! Its too difficult to damage him in this current state…!”

Anne was thinking about the battle even during her final moment before disappearing.

As she had said, it would be difficult to damage Hatake now…

It was hard enough hitting him when he was so fast, but even if I could, his defenses would have been boosted considerably.

Necoco followed Annes words and began to use her own speed to distract Hatake.

And while he was not fast enough to easily catch up with her, as she had put everything into speed, she was also not able to shake him off…!

And then he would read her movements and catch her. And then they would fight.

But in this state, Hatake had the firepower and would have an advantage…!

This was bad… But I thought of something. I just hope I can make it in time…!

“Necoco. I came to help you!”


Hatake turned around in surprise.

What he saw…was me jogging towards him!

I was jogging like an old man, but that was veryme!

Unless you knew about the Grow CardMirror Alice Reflection, which had a skill that let you summon a decoy, you would be stunned for a few seconds.

On top of that, I was using Letter Arrow to send my voice. So it would not be strange for him to think that I was jogging towards him…!

Of course, Necoco was also shocked.

However, she was the only player here who knew about Mirror Alice Reflections effect…!

After all, I had acquired it while adventuring with her. And she had witnessed me using it.

Furthermore, it was after acquiring this card that I first heard about the Ghost Guild.

Please remember…Necoco!

“Blue Electric Claws – Dual Claws… Cool Shock!”

Necocos charge attack slammed into Hatake after he stopped moving.

The blue thunder…pierced his body!

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