Data.191 – Old Bowman, Fate and Miracle

“…He really is tenacious!”

Even though he was hit directly by a charge attack, Hatakes body would not disappear…!

Now that I thought about it, Flag Magician had a lot of close-combat skills.

In the first place, a flag was already similar to weapons like clubs and staffs, so perhaps his status wasnt actually too different from the advance guard?

Or maybe Hatake just distributed his strengthening points freely…

In any case, it looked like the struggle would not end here.

“Ill be making the first move…!”

◆ ◆ ◆

“Gah! Its not…over yet!”

“No way…! Blue Electric Claws are supposed to…!”

Necoco was about to reveal its effect, but stopped herself.

Blue Electric Claws was a charge attack that dealt damage while ignoring the targets bonus stats that were from skills.

There were a lot of players in the advance guard who activated skills in order to raise their durability. So for someone with weak firepower like Necoco, this was one of the few ways to deal good damage to such enemies.

And so she did not use it often, and saved it for crucial moments.

And since she could only inflict the damage through her nails, it meant that she had to get close to the enemy. That was another reason why she was so cautious.

But this time, all of the requirements should have been fulfilled.

And it was a clean hit… But Hatake was still alive!

“I didnt think you would have such a trick up your sleeve, old man… But its over now! Jumble Flag Rush!”

A storm of flag thrusts assaults Necoco!

They were fast and random, which made them difficult to dodge.

And Necocos claws were not suited for blocking enemy attacks.

Necoco tried to dodge them with her reflexes alone, and while she managed to protect her vitals, she was still hit a number of times.

But her defenses were not very high, and her equipment was on the verge of breaking. And so Necoco lost a lot of her HP…!

(What should I do…! I could run away and heal, or try to avoid getting hit and attack him again…! Healing would be the thing to do if I want to buy some time. And I should attack if I want to end this. He doesnt have much HP either, and its likely that I could kill him with a single charge attack now. But if I fail… No, this is no time to hesitate…!)

Necoco decided to retreat.

Ultimately, Hatake would not have a chance of winning once the effect of Full Enhance wore off.

And so instead of risking danger, it was better to buy time.

But this decision…no, perhaps either decisions, were the wrong ones.

“Ultra Damage Burst!”

Hatake said. And then Necocos HP went down to 0.

Ultra Damage Burst was the evolved form of Damage Boost, which the Gold Mummy boss had used during the Scorpio Trial.

It was an attack that increased the damage of attacks that had already been inflicted. And not that it had changed from Boost to Burst, the damage could also spread to the area surrounding the target player.

That meant you could damage multiple enemies that were close together. And if the enemy was a player, it would damage their gear.

The only drawback was that it could only increase the damage that Hatake had inflicted.

In the first place, it was his role to cast buffs as the middle guard, and so this charge attack would only be used when the advance guard was being pushed back.

That was why he hadnt had an opportunity to use it up until now. And so though Necoco had heard about Damage Boost from Kyuji, she had not been cautious about it.

Well, seeing is believing… It could not be helped that within such a tense battle, she would forget about a charge attack that she had only heard about once.

Besides, the scary thing about it was that once you realized it, it was already too late.

“It looks like its up to you once again…! Sorry, old man!”

“Yes, youre still here…! But, why is that arrow so…!


A thunderous roar that seemed to crack the sky…!

And when he looked up, there was a giant arrow that was enveloped in lightning!

This charge attack that fused Indras Arrow and Big Arrow had been unleashed quite a while ago!

While it was enveloped in lightning and looked flashy as it fell, it did not attract much attention while it was rising.

And since Hatake was focused on his fight with Necoco, it was no wonder that he missed it.

Especially since Kyuji was so far away.

“This is indeed…an incredible wide-area charge attack…! To think that he doesnt care about hitting his comrades…! Or had he done it knowing that I would defeat the kitten!? He would! That old man! It seems that I am no match for him after all…

Hatake made a final bet.

Full Enhance was wearing off.

He would not be able to escape the thunder arrow and reach Kyuji in time.

The charge attack had such a wide range that even attempting it seemed reckless.

And so he woud…

“Haaa…! Death Flaaaaaag!!”

He shouted. The name of that miracle effect…!

It affected everywhere that your voice reached.

And you couldnt nullify it by just plugging your ears. The area of effect was as far as the voice vibrated in the air.

Kyuji was far away.

So far away that he doubted that he could reach him before Full Enhance wore off.

It was his last chance.

Would it reach him or not?

And who would Death Flag choose?

Who would win this bet… No, it didnt even work to begin with.

“The old man is…gone!?”

Kyuji was no longer on the jumbo slide.

And no matter where he looked with his enhanced eyesight, he could not find him.

“Could it be…that he not only predicted that I would beat the kitten and attacked, but he even knew that I would use Death Flag…? He must have warped away where my voice didnt reach, and then left that charge attack, which was timed and positioned to hide his own location…”

Yes, Kyuji was very afraid of Death Flag.

The moment that Hatake had survived Blue Electric Claws, he had fused and unleashed Judgment Arrow, which was the result of fusing Indras Arrow and Big Arrow.

After that, he had activated Warp Arrow and escaped to a place where Hatakes voice wouldnt reach.

If he was using Shin Immobile Sniping Stance, then he would be able to attack even if he was that far away.

This was what Kyuji had predicted.

If Necoco was destroyed, then he would become the next target.

And then Hatake would take a chance and use Death Flag.

After all, the reflect skill would not be able to deal with a charge attack.

On the other hand, if you were lucky, Death Flag would be able to repulse any attack.

It would be like turning the long range into 0, and was greatly advantageous for Hatake.

However, his prediction was a little off, and Hatake did not rely on Death Flag until the last possible moment.

Regardless, the conclusion of the battle would not change.

“You really are amazing, old man! You were also so calm during the turf war… And now I know why! You have talent! Yes, and I was the first person to see it in you!”

And then the miracle effectSouthern Cross Ballista slammed directly into Hatake.

Among the audience, there were some who felt that this attack was overkill.

However, even at this point, Kyuji was not certain of his victory.

Until the end, he had a high opinion of Hatake, and continued to fear him. That is why he used this miracle effect.

He wanted to defeat Hatake and lead the party to victory so much that he used his special trump card, which he had not used once during the tournament.

If he was killed, then the entire party would be out…

In order to face this pressure and Hatakes luck, Kyuji had used a miracle.

‘Battle over!! As all members of Paradise Parade are dead, the winning party is…Ghost Guild! Congratulations on making it to the next round!

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