But the other party members werent with him…

“Im just here by myself. As the tournament continues, the wait between battles becomes shorter. So I wont stay long. Im not even sure what I should say to you…”

Then why did you come… But I held that reply black and just waited for him to speak.

“While I did say that I had no way to beat you other than relying on luck, my teammates said that I need to be more confident. They said that I put up a good fight and am strong enough. And perhaps that is true.”

“I agree with them. You are strong, Hatake. To a fearful degree, even…!”

“You think so? Well, if thats what you say, then it might be true. Then I will be more confident from now on… Oh, but I dont feel like I can! Im sure Ill forget all about this tomorrow! But maybe thats not necessarily a bad thing? After all, I was always being myself when I did the best against you! So maybe if I continue like this, Ill be able to win the next one…! I just got a little too excited this time!”

“Yes, being yourself is when you are the strongest, Hatake.”

“So you agree…! Yes, I feel much better now that I heard that! Well, I should be leaving soon! But I will be cheering you on during the next fight! As for your next opponent…ah, thats right. If I was the first person to see your potential, then he was the second person. Well, maybe the correct way of saying it is that you showed me your potential!”

Our next opponent was…Bucklers Straight Knights!

It almost seemed like fate…that I should fight him after Hatake.

No, perhaps not. With his ability, it was no surprise that he made it this far into the tournament.

And our clashing together was not fate, but inevitable.

“Im sure you already know, but he has become so much stronger compared to before. Hell, I would probably run away from him!”

Did he want me to remind him that he had run away last time…!

I didnt know if I had the courage to say that…!

“In any case, youve also become a lot stronger! And so Im sure youll be able to drive him off like the last time!”

Oh, so he was just continuing the conversation!

He didnt want me to joke about it, and was oblivious!

He really was an unbelievable person…

But nevermind that…

It was true that Buckler was a very strong enemy.

And even if I was able to drive him away during the turf war, that was due to the specific systems that were in place.

You could say that I was inferior in terms of pure ability.

But…what about now?

We would find out soon enough.

The time for a rematch…was at hand!

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