ay give me an idea for what strategy to take…!

Kiririri.. Shu! Parii!

What? There was a high-pitched ring as if something had shattered.

And then a blue light effect appeared around Buckler…

“Youre not well-prepared, archer…! Ultra Bounder!”

I heard the voice coming from right next to me.

And before I had time to react, I was punched…and when flying into the air!

“Ga…!? Wh-what just…!”

Regardless, this was bad!

I was…flying towards the castle walls!


Whirlwind had an effect that reduced your weight…!

Now I could soften the impact of a crash, but I couldnt avoid the crash altogether!

I wanted to use Windcloud Flash or Floating Cloud Herd, but it was difficult to adjust your direction and position while you were flying!

In the end, my back just slammed into the wall.

I was reminded of a battle manga as the wall caved in…and then I fell towards the ground.

“Floating Cloud Herd!”

I created a platform in the air and managed to avoid receiving fall damage.

My HP gauge was…half empty now.

I would have been in danger without Whirlwind…

And so I healed my HP with an item and then looked for Bucklers position.

…As I thought. He had warped!

In a flash, he had warped up to the roof where I had been standing!

And the requirement for the warp was likely…guarding against an enemys attack at the right time.

That sound and the blue light effect was to show that he had succeeded.

“This is a terrible enemy to go up against…”

Bucklers weakness was that he couldnt move quickly due to his heavy armor.

It was because he didnt come close, that I was able to deal with him calmly during the turf war.

However, he was now able to use his attacks as a trigger and bridge the gap in an instant.

Now I would no longer be able to test different attacks and find a way to defeat him…!

However, I was also sure that his warp wouldnt succeed every time.

These kinds of actions require perfect timing. And no matter how much you practice, you are bound to fail eventually.

The problem was, with Bucklers defenses, failing to block and taking damage might not mean that much.

Through sacrificing mobility for high defenses, he had erased the demerits of failing.

He had a clear advantage…!

“Whats wrong, archer! Arent you going to shoot me?”

Even though he was far away, I could hear Bucklers voice clearly.

I had thought this during the turf way as well, but he had a very loud voice…

It was a good thing that he didnt have Death Flag.

“What do you think about my Parry Warp? I equipped it specifically to deal with your long range. The timing gets more severe the farther the distance to warp, but that doesnt matter to me! I practiced for a long time so that I can deal with attacks from any distance! This is what true playing skill looks like!”

Apparently, there was no point in hoping or relying on his failing.

So, that did limit my options.

“I wont request a one on one dual in advance, just like your opponent during the second round. I will catch the person I want to fight on my own and wont let them escape! Create the situation that you want by yourself! That is a pro!”

Create the situation you want…huh.

Those were good words. I would learn from them!

And so I ignored Buckler and activated Floating Cloud Herd once again.

And then I climbed up the clouds that were arranged like a spiral staircase so that I could reach the top of the castle!

“Are you ready, archer? Now, try and hit me!”

“Yes! I will do just that!”

And so I pulled the bowstring and…shot one of Bucklers friends that was fighting in the distance!


Bucklers eyes widened.

It was simple. It wasnt that the enemy in front of me was just immune to my attacks. But attacking him meant he could warp and then hit me…

So it was better to ignore him and pick off the others first!

That was how a pro fought!

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