Data.194 – Old Bowman, My way of being a pro

“Ill support all of you!”

The first person I set my eyes on wasSweeper. A witch-like girl with glasses who was fighting against Satomi.

While her weapon was a broom, her actual fighting style was that of an orthodox rear guard magic user.

She was attacking Satomi and Gochu by launching balls with various attributes at them.

And so I unleashed an arrow aimed at her head…!


My aim was off a little and the arrow sunk into the witchs shoulder.

At this range, and since the enemy was moving, you could not get a perfect headshot without a little luck.

Still, it was more than enough for support.

While the enemy would be surprised by the arrow that came flying suddenly, Satomi would recognize it as my aid.

And that difference would give him an opportunity to attack…!

Satomi had been getting pushed back at first, but he was now attacking harder.

He too was a player that mainly used projectiles, and so he maintained a certain distance from the enemy.

Thanks to this, I didnt have to worry about accidentally hitting him.

I just needed to keep shooting, and then we could take one enemy down at this early stage…!

Just then, the witch turned and glared at me.

As I had been continuously shooting from the same direction, she would know my location. But the sudden stare was enough to make me flinch.

However, I was merciless today. And so I would not stop attacking…!


Suddenly, her broom enlarged as she twirled it around, and all of the projectiles that were shooting towards her were all hit back…!

My arrows were no exception, and they shot towards me and just barely passed to my side.

Th-that was close…!

Thankfully, they had flown in a slightly different direction. But if this was a normal instance of hitting the ball back to the pitcher, then they would have gone right into me.

Was it the effect of using the broom like a bat? It felt like the power and speed of the projectiles had increased after bouncing off of it…

Thats right. What about Satomi…

Good. Not only was he fine, but he had managed to get closer to the witch while she was swinging, and was not attacking her at close range with Gochu.

But now that they were close, the chances of me accidentally hitting him were higher.

And so I would leave Satomi for now, and go support someone else.

“…I dont see much movement.

Buckler was walking on the roof.

He was slow. Very slow.

However, would someone like him rely so much on a single skill?

Surely he must be hiding something else…

He would likely use it once I became desperate while supporting the others, and had forgotten all about him.

So I didnt need to worry about it yet, but I had to keep him in mind.

I could not forget…!

“Who else can I reach from here… There is Necoco.”

Necoco was fighting againstSlasher, who was a speed-type bandit who fought with a special curved two-handed sword that was called a shotel.

At a glance, they looked like a player who was good at close-quarters combat, but the blade actually unleashed slash attacks, so they were mostly a mid-range player.

Necoco also had charge attacks and skills that unleashed slash attacks, but she generally prefered to fight at close range, especially if it was an ambush.

And so the differences in styles here was making the fight seem a little awkward.

Necoco seemed to sense this as well, and she would repeatedly close in on the enemy and then retreat before she was able to target any vitals.

It was clear that she needed support…!

Just as I saw that Necoco had moved away from Slasher, I began to shoot my arrows.

I had known Necoco longer than anyone else in the party, and as soon as she saw the arrows, she began to move in a way that made it easy for me.

She stayed away from the enemy most of the time, and focused on attacking only when my arrows had made an opening for her.

Like this, the chances of friendly fire were reduced greatly.


Slasher did not have any reflect skills for projectiles.

In that case, the two of us together should be able to win…!


A gut feeling.

Not some kind of prediction, but just a gut feeling that rose within me…

Thats right. For a second there, I had forgotten all about Buckler…!

I quickly looked to the top of the roofs to see where he was. However, he was nowhere to be found.

Instead, I heard the sounds of heavy clashing, shattering and footsteps coming from below.

When I looked down from the castle, I saw that a giant metal sphere was rolling towards me.

I had no proof as of now, but I was sure that it was Buckler!

Indeed, heavy characters would often roll up into a ball in comics or games in order to move quickly. 

However, would he really be able to climb up the walls of the castle like that?

…It seemed like he would.

After some time, Buckler arrived at the castle, and just like I had suspected, he continued to roll and climb up the wall.

So much for the laws of physics…but this was no time to complain.

This was a game, after all, and so ignoring the laws of physics was practically a necessity.

But the people playing were still people who went about their normal lives afterwards, and so were the people making the game.

And so changing the norms too much would just make the game difficult to play, which would help no one.

And so aside from the skills and charge attacks, the game was on the realistic side.

For instance, with weight…

“Im here, archer! Now, its time to finish this… Huh!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

I had created a pitfall for him on top of the roof!

That being said, I had just fused Drill Arrow Kai and Big Arrow to make Big Drill Arrow, and then shot it into the roof.

After the previous battles, I knew that it was possible to destroy the buildings here.

I didnt think that Bucklers sphere form actually ignored gravity, but he could choose to either break or roll over anything he hit.

And so he was powerless against a hole.

He could not go against gravity, and could only fall.

But while I had bought some time like this, it was still true that I had let Buckler into the castle.

He might climb back up in a surprising way, so I likely wouldnt be able to continue supporting the others from the roof.

However, this was still a great sniping point…

“Ill take a chance then…!”

I would stay here for as long as I could, and cooperate with the others to take down the enemy!

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