Data.195 – Old Bowman, Run through the Battlefield

…So, who should I take down first?

For me, a person with slow movement and weak defenses would be the best, but the only person that seemed to fit this description in the enemy party was the glasses witch, Sweeper.

Aside from the fact that she had a reflect skill for projectiles, I was a good match for her.

Range did the talking during fights between rear guards more than any other combination.

However, she was no amateur.

After I attacked, she moved so that both her and Satomi were behind a great building.

Now it would be difficult to target her.

So, what about Anne?

She was currently in the plaza in front of a church, and fighting a black robed monk calledCrusher.

The monk was wielding a spiked mace. Two of them, in fact!

They moved as if beating a drum, and challenged the power of Annes star sphere.

And while he was a power character, he had plenty of speed as well, and tried to move close to Anne whenever there was an opening.

He had a bald head, which was something you didnt see much now that implants and hair restoration technology had advanced to the point where people were only bald by choice. And he could make his scalp shine brightly in order to blind his opponent…which made him even more intimidating in appearance.

It was usually the skilled players who didnt take their character design too seriously…

Oh, this was no time to be distracted by his shiny head.

As for whether I should support Anne during this fight…I better not.

Crusher seemed like the most skilled within the enemy party.

He was aware of me even before I noticed him.

And he continued to glance in my direction as if following my movements.

If I wanted to target him, it should be when I can focus solely on him.

Any half-hearted support could just ruin the rhythm of Annes fighting.

And so the enemy I should target was…the thief who fought Necoco with a shotel, Slasher!

Going against Necoco meant he could not spare a moment to focus on me.

He seemed relieved that Bucklers attack had stopped me from shooting.

Sadly for him, the break would be short-lived!

“Gatling Web Cloud Arrow!”

Instead of dealing a little damage with weak attacks, it was better to stop his movements with a sticky net and allow Necoco to finish him off.

With athis again expression, Slasher tried to run away.

But Necoco would not allow it.

With precision, she moved ahead where the enemy wanted to go, and chased him into spots where it would be easier for me to hit him.

Good movements…!

Necoco was even more dexterous than before!

“Lets finish you off! Seal Demon Bind!”

Seal Demon Bind was a skill from the Grow CardExorcism Bow Arts – 4 Mark, and it created a magic triangle on the ground where the arrow landed, which bound any enemy that entered.

While Web Cloud Arrow wasnt effective unless it hit an enemy directly, this skill could be placed anywhere for a while.

In other words, you could place it on the ground and chase an enemy into it.

And once they were inside, even a strong enemy would not be able to move for a moment.

That would be long enough for Necoco to deal a fatal blow…!



Something broke through the castle roof and flew out!

Well, since I was aware of the other three enemy positions, there was only one person who it could be…!

“You always had such a flexible imagination, archer! I didnt expect to be greeted with such an old trap like a pit! However, thats not enough to shake me off!”


It was Buckler who came flying towards me…!

He had probably used a skill that made his shield bounce.

And since he hadnt done anything like that during the turf war, the bound effect must have evolved.

Now, it was time to run!

“Its true that its difficult to shake you off! However, I wont be caught so easily either!”

I used Floating Cloud Herd twice in order to escape from the castle and down to the town.

Now I could no longer use Floating Cloud Herd during this battle, but I still had Warp Arrow and Im Arrow.

I would have to think about how I would use them…!

“As I thought, he cant chase me while Im up in the clouds.”

Buckler was using his rolling skill again as he chased me on the ground.

Since I had been using clouds ever since the Windcloud Dragon fight, I was able to walk normally.

Now, I had safely reached the town.

And from the rooftop, I can support the others again…

“How dare you try and pick on a young girl, you old man!”

It was Sweeper, the witch, who came out of the back alley while riding a strange broom that looked like a gun with wings!

“Gunship Broom! Hornets Nest!”

Damn it!

This strange effect was likely to be a Miracle Effect…!

Using a Miracle Effect was the safe way to block it, but I could also try and escape with a charge attack… No!

“Unison Maestro…Fire Kindling Seed!”

I had seen this during the Mad Slime CORE fight. Satomi and Gochu were riding on a cloud and intervening!

The burning seeds that were fired like machine gun bullets hit Gunship Broom!

The impact moved the reticle so that the thick beam that was fired ended up missing me.

And gave me a chance to attack!

“Inferno Arrow Tempest!”

Rear guards were usually not very tough, so being hit by this charge attack directly should deal heavy damage!

Not only that, but my opponent had already lost their stance.

So she could not even jump back or run away…!

However, Sweepers reaction was unexpected!

“There…! Broom Storm!”

While she had lost her balance, Sweeper began to rotate at a high speed until she created a tornado!

And while the arrows were not swallowed up and destroyed in it, instead, they changed trajectory and then flew off behind me.

It would have been dangerous if they came straight at me like before, but like this, I could still target her again once the attack was over…!

“Wait, or not!? Her aim is…!”

She was making the arrows shoot towards the person behind me. Buckler…!

Even if she was directing them, they were still my arrows.

So if he used Parry Warp, then he could warp right next to me!

This was what Sweeper was trying to do from the beginning… No, the first hit must have been serious.

It would have been fine if she could take me down with it, and if not, she had prepared another attack…

The Straight Knights really were not to be underestimated…!

But it wasnt over yet!

“Warp Arrow!”

I unleashed the arrow towards a certain spot.

And then Buckler did a normal guard instead of Parry Warp at the arrows.

Even though he was confident in his defense, Inferno Arrow Tempest was one of my main charge attacks.

It would do some damage. But would not inflict a fatal wound.

He could recover with a healing item.

But I still wanted to hit him once first.

“Hahaha! I wont be able to warp if you warp off to a place like that!”

Buckler said with a laugh.

It was something I had barely been able to do in time, and so I had hoped that he would be more phased by it, but…oh, well.

I was currently on top of the cross that was on the roof of the church!

In other words, there wasnt much to step on.

I could barely even stand myself, so there was no space for another person.

If you tried to warp, then you would be caught by gravity and fall.

Of course, I wouldnt miss that opening, and you might even be attacked by Anne, who was fighting below.

And even someone like Buckler wouldnt want that.

“Still, I did get you away from the castle, and use…Warp Arrow!”

…Ouch. He was right.

In other words, I still didnt have an advantage.

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