arrel was pointing away, and she wouldnt be able to target anyone.

As for Buckler, he too was a prisoner of this enhanced gravity.

He was already heavy to begin with, so now he could barely even move.

But it hardly mattered.

Cause I still couldnt defeat him in this state…!

But the worst thing of all was that Crusher himself was not affected by this!

If this continued, we would just be waiting as he went around and killed us one by one…

We had to do something!


If it was an effect that strengthened gravity, then maybe if I made myself lighter I could… No!?

While I could crawl a little, I couldnt stand up…!

“Unfortunately for you, Archer, this isnt an effect that increases the gravity within a certain space.”


But now that I thought about it, that did make sense.

I had been standing on the cross on the church roof. So if gravity was pulling me downward, then I could have been impaled by the cross…

However, I just rolled down to the roof and fell onto the ground.

As if the ground was sucking me towards it…

I see…!

So it was just an effect that pulled people towards the ground…!

This was terrible…!

That means that any arrows I unleash will also be pulled down!

“You are quick to understand. I knew that you were dangerous. And so I would like to snuff you out first… However, Im too scared to get close to someone who has that great skill that stretches up to the sky…! And so Ill leave you for last!”

And then Crusher headed towards Satomi!

Tsk. Wasnt there anything that I could do…?

And maybe I shouldnt just believe everything he said, and try shooting an arrow…?

No, Necoco just unleashed Thunder Sky Sever Claws, and it was pulled towards the ground and vanished before reaching anyone.

If that was what happened to thunder, then there was no way that my arrows wouldnt be affected…!

“Gar… Gar…”

“Huh!? Garbow?”

All of a sudden, I could hear Garbows cry.

It was very quiet. But not because it was far away.

As if it was being blocked  by something…


The manhole…!

I had thought that the circle drawn on the ground was just for decoration, but it was a manhole!

And I could hear Garbows voice coming from it!

This map seemed a lot smaller than the Jumbo Athletic Park, and the reason for that was there was an underground area you could travel through…!

When I put my ear to the ground, I could hear the sounds of water, so it was likely a sewer area!

Either Garbow had started down there or had entered it for some reason.

And when Unisons were alone, they traveled towards the player they were the closest to.

And since we were all together now, it made sense that Garbow would come here.

So, I had a lot more options now.

Garbows combined charge attack, Armageddon Arrow had not only overwhelming destructive power, but a propelling force that was unstoppable.

And so it should work even in this space…

The problem was, who should I target with it?

Crusher, the person who made this space…

Buckler, who was the most dangerous…

This would be the real deciding factor!

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