But out of all the different types of equipment, it had the most important function, as it protected the torso.
And the design was incredibly cool.
It was made of blue cloth with white cloud patterns.
And there were lines throughout it that represented wind.
This was sure to get people to turn their heads when I walked through town.

And while the Windcloud Blast skill was quite simple, it seemed like something that would have many different uses.
At least, it was unlikely to be a bad match for someone who used arrows.

◆ Windguard Hakama
Type: Legs(Hakama)
Defense: 40
Magic Defense: 60
Weapon Skill: Whirlwind

Greatly decreases falling speed.
Reduces total weight.

It was the same ‘legs’ category as pants.
The numbers weren’t as good as the haori, but the skill was quite interesting.
I would have to test it out first, but did this mean that I could use Windcloud Blast to create a wind and then ride on it?

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It would be so fun if it was possible.

As for ways to use it during combat, I guess reducing fall damage was the most obvious.
How cool would it be if I could land perfectly after falling from a great height or being knocked into the air from an attack?

◆ Cloudcrossing Tabi
Type: Feet(Shoes)
Speed: 80
Weapon Skill: Floating Cloud

-Floating Cloud-
Creates a cloud that you can ride.
Make up to three per hour.
Disappears after five minutes.

The ‘feet’ category was more for raising speed than defense.
And since ‘clouds’ were like the symbol of freedom and lightness, the speed boost was quite impressive.
Or at least, that’s what I thought.
My knowledge of equipment was not extensive enough to make comparisons…

The skill was also quite simple.
It sounded like I would be able to make the same kind of cloud platforms that I stood on during the fight with the Windcloud Dragon?
However, there were strict restrictions.
Otherwise you could make endless clouds and go anywhere.
That being said, it meant I could stay in the air for fifteen minutes.
That was great.
I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

Ah, it was so exciting.
It was a childish analogy, but I did feel like someone who had gotten a new toy, but wasn’t allowed to play with it yet.
I just couldn’t wait to log in again.
And so I decided to sleep.

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◆ ◆ ◆

The next day, I logged in and found myself at the ‘Windcloud Hidden Settlement’ inn.’
Obviously, you started in the spot that you logged out of.
In other words, the elder was still sitting there and staring at me.

And while I wanted to test out my equipment, I felt bad about leaving him hanging.
Perhaps it would be best to at least listen to the quest details first.

“Um, what is it that you wanted to ask me? I have some time now…”

“Ohh! You will listen to my request!? It is quite simple! I want you to climb up Mount Windcloud and destroy the evil, monstrous presence that plagues us! The Hundred-Eyed Demon Lizard!”

“Hundred-Eyed Demon Lizard…?”

Was that like a frilled lizard?
I really had no idea.

But a hundred eyes…
I suppose that meant it was a lizard with a lot of eyeballs.
And in action rpgs, a bow was your number one friend when attacking an enemy’s eyes.

There would be enemies with lots of eyes that you had to attack a certain number of times.
Then its actual weakness, a single large eye would be exposed, which you could attack to deal some great damage.
Repeat this about three times and you could kill the boss.
It was the old fashion way to kill bosses with lots of eyeballs.

“Will you accept this quest?”

“Yes, I will.”

It was the right foe for an archer.
And I wanted to see how that old strategy would work in the latest VR game.
Besides, using the Windcloud set for the first time while protecting the Windcloud Settlement did not sound bad at all.

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