Don’t let me down now, Windcloud.
And of course, the last piece.
The Windcloud Bow!

‘…Zero! Battle Start!’

As soon as it started, the nearby players swarmed towards me.
Players with ranged weapons should be killed in close combat…
They followed that theory.

“Windcloud Blast! Whirlwind!”

The wind would blow upwards.
I activated the weight reduction skill, ‘Whirlwind,’ which caused my Hakama to puff out like a balloon as I rose into the air.
This was why it was called Windguard Hakama.

“Floating Cloud!”

I created a cloud in the air and stood on top of it.
I knew that this cloud wasn’t the ‘movable cloud’ that the elder had made, but was like the clouds used during the fight against the dragon.
However, anything from below would go right through it, so it didn’t function as a shield against attacks.

That being said, once I was camped up here, it would be a lot harder to attack me.
This was where putting all your points into range really helped.

The players buzzed below me.
Some of them weren’t even fighting.
They just looked up and stared.
I had hoped that they would just fight each other so that their numbers would go down…
Well, I guess I had to do it myself.

And so I used the Windcloud Bow’s weapon skill…no, charge attack.

“Bow Shower!”

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It was what you would expect from a bow’s arcane charge attack.
That’s what ‘Bow Shower’ was.
The players on the ground were hit by the rain of arrows, and burst into light as they disappeared.

◆ Windcloud Bow
Type: Two-handed weapon(Bow)
Attack: 100
Range: 80
Weapon Charge Attackl(Bow Shower)

-Bow Shower-
Create a rain cloud around the bow that unleashes arrows like rain.
Cooldown: 5 minutes.

The difference between skills and charge attacks was the ‘cooldown.’
You could spam skills if you had enough MP, but with charge attacks, you had to wait for some time before you could use it again.
In the case of ‘Bow Shower,’ the cooldown was 5 minutes, which was on the long side.

However, it was quite powerful, and held the potential to change the tide of battle in an instant.
The best thing about Bow Shower was that it was a wide area attack.
A cloud would appear around the bow, and from it, arrows would shoot down like rain.

It was the fate of rapidfire skills to be weak when it came to individual shots.
And when you fired rapidly, it was difficult to target weak spots.
This meant that you couldn’t really take down the HP of players with high defense.
On the other hand, it was a dangerous skill for players who mainly prioritized dodging.

“Seems like I got quite a few of them.”

I had destroyed the players with low defense.
My kill count was 38.
And while I hadn’t succeeded in annihilating all of them, there were quite a few players who were on the ground, barely alive.
And so I picked them off with normal shots.

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This way, my kill count went up to 50.
I had clearly won this battle.

Well, nevermind that.
This was just PVP practice, and the problem here was those that were still in perfect shape, and those who saw that my arrows would be weak, and used high-power skills to blow them away.
To be honest, killing 38 with my charge attack was almost too perfect.
It was likely because it was my first time using it.
If this was during a proper event, players would have been on their guard and might have been able to deal with it.

For better or worse, Bow Shower’s effects were simple.
And so if you saw it once, it wouldn’t be too hard to deal with it the next time.
And there was also the cooldown.
Unlike skills, I would have to plan ahead when using it.

“Rise Rock!’

One of the players activated a skill that made the ground rise high into the air.
I see.
Like that, you might be able to reach me.
…This was bad.

“I guess it was never going to be so easy as picking everyone off from up here.”

There were even players who could double or triple jump in the air.
And there was probably magic that allowed players to fly for a limited time.
And since I had broken the fight, they were all glaring at me with malice.

It was both frightening and exhilarating.
A player’s skill would not improve without real fights.
How to defeat a powerful enemy? How to break through a skill you’re seeing for the first time…

The next event was a ‘3 team capture the flag’ event.
And If I wanted to participate, I had to put myself in harsh conditions and train.

The rules hadn’t been published yet, except for one piece of information.
There was no division by rank.
And so I would have to fight in the same field as the top players with their 3rd jobs.

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