p>723: Anonymous Runner

724: Anonymous Runner
I can’t check it from where I am.
Someone give me a summary.

725: Anonymous Runner
Time acceleration in the game!?
A weeklong war game?!

726: Anonymous Runner
What? They can accelerate time within the game?
In other words, a few hours in the real world will be days in the game?

727: Anonymous Runner
They said that three hours is a week.
That’s how much time we’ll be taking each other’s bases.

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728: Anonymous Runner
The map is so big.
The battle royale map doesn’t even compare.

729: Anonymous Runner
And so the bases we have to capture are going to be ‘Fortresses.’
But they seem to be very far away.
So traveling between them will take awhile.
We’ll like a marching army.

730: Anonymous Runner
Each team will start with 10 fortresses.
And the team with the most at the end will win.

731: Anonymous Runner
But there is one main fortress, and if it gets taken over, you’re finished.
So you have to think about defense and not such focus on attacking.

732: Anonymous Runner
And as expected, teams will be a mishmash of different jobs.
And the number of third, second and first jobs will be distributed evenly.

733: Anonymous Runner
I guess we’ll just have to pray that we’ll have good 3rd jobs on our side.

734: Anonymous Runner
This seems a lot more fun that I was expecting.
I thought it would be a really random battle, but there are special rules and it seems well balanced.

735: Anonymous Runner
I thought it would just be players, but there are monsters too.
And by defeating them, they might join you or help strengthen your base and comrades.

736: Anonymous Runner
What are AI warriors?
Apparently it has something to do with killed players coming back?
There’s too much information for me to follow.

737: Anonymous Runner
You can strengthen bases by reinforcing walls and adding cannons.

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Not only that, but there are fantasy elements like golem guardians!

738: Anonymous Runner
Woah, I have a feeling this is going to be very complicated.
At least there’s still time.
I better start studying the rules…
That being said, it might be quicker to learn as I play.

739: Anonymous Runner
Just like the excitement reaches its peak before a game’s release, an event is most exciting when you’re thinking of strategies.

740: Anonymous Runner
I just hope the actual event won’t be a disappointment.

741: Anonymous Runner
Don’t be bitter when I beat all of you.

742: Anonymous Runner
As if I’d lose to you!

743: Anonymous Runner
Seems like the kind of person who would hold a grudge.

744: Anonymous Runner
Seems like the kind of person who will die without beating anyone.

745: Anonymous Runner
This again(bored).

756: Anonymous Runner
It really is more exciting to go against other players.
Ultimately, humans just want to fight…

◆ ◆ ◆

The message boards were excited about the new event.
On the other hand, Kyuji had logged out and was just about to look up the new information.

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