Besides, this was a turf war, and being able to move in a unified, large group was a necessity.
And so a large guild would be more functional than a bunch of smaller ones.
Well, this was all just wild fancy…I mean, speculation.

Now, as for this whole ‘turf war’ business.
Of course, these turfs were ‘fortresses.’
There were 30 of them distributed evenly throughout the map.
Each team would start with 10 of them, and we would for fight them over the coming week.

In order to take one, you had to eliminate all of the occupants first.
Then it will become the fortress of whatever team is inside.

To put it simple, you had to drive everyone out and occupy it.

However, it was different with the main base.
Regardless of you driving out the enemy or not, you have to destroy the ‘Core Crystal’ in order to take the fortress.

And once you did, that team would be annihilated, and they would lose all of their other fortresses.
If that happened, it was game over.
The balance would not shift once one team had lost all of their bases.

And so the main base was the one that you couldn’t lose at all cost.

In conclusion!
When attacking, invade the fortress and drive them all out.
When protecting, stay put and don’t run away.
It’s game over if you lose your main base.

There were other more detailed rules, but I couldn’t remember them!
But I would probably learn them as I played through the event.
In any case, it was starting tomorrow.

I had done my best during the first event, the battle royale, and so I wanted to end this one on a high note.

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◆ ◆ ◆

‘To all players who are participating in the ‘Three Army Turf War.’ You will be warped to the event map in 100 seconds.
Please make sure you have the right equipment.’

It was the same kind of announcement that played during the battle royale.
And so I checked my equipment and status, just in case.

◆ Equipment
Head: Windstream Scarf
Right Hand: Windcloud Bow
Left Hand: (Windcloud Bow)
Arms: Fists of the Forest Sage
Body: Windcloud Haori
Legs: Windguard Hakama
Feet: Cloudcrossing Tabi
Accessories: None

Most people would probably have a thing or two to say about this.
‘Why aren’t you using the Windcloud armor for your arms?’
It was simple.
I wanted to use the weapon skill, ‘Black Smog.’

There was no doubt that there would be group battles in this event.
And not just on a scale of ten or a hundred.
It could be over a thousand in some cases.
It was on these enemy armies that I would throw shi…I mean, ‘Black Smog’…
This devilish plan had been on my mind for a while.

Not only that, but I now had ‘Windcloud Blast.’
So after using Black Smog, I could use a blast of wind to push it far away…
I wanted to try it.
The mischievous child in me was screaming.
It would probably get some attention online, but I was just using the skills provided to me in the game.
There was nothing wrong with that.
I had to be confident…!

Next, I checked my status.
My level didn’t go up as quickly compared to my first job, but this was more than enough considering how little time had passed.

◆ Status

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Name: Kyuji
Job: Archer
HP: 105/105(+30)
MP: 145/145(+70)
Attack: 180(+150)
Defense: 131(+115)
Magic Attack: 20
Magic Defense: 147(+135)
Speed: 102(+80)
Range: 400(+180)

These numbers were the result of the equipment and Bow Arts V skill.
As I had put everything into Range, it was the highest.
But the others weren’t bad, thanks to my equipment.
Well, putting everything into Range was my own doing, and it wasn’t like the game was going to conveniently give me range-related equipment.
And so as long as I collected good equipment, my other stats would go up.

That being said, the 100 points I got for the first 20 levels, and the 120 I got for the 12 levels on my second job, were all used for Range.
And so my attack and defense were likely inferior to people who had maintained a balance while leveling up.

When it came to battle formations, the rule I made for myself was to ‘stay in the rear guard.’
As long as I was fighting as part of a large group, I could not step out into danger.
It was easy to forget since I played solo, but archers were supposed to stay in the back.
While the vanguard were doing their best in the front, I would chip away at the enemy from behind them.
Besides, I was confident in my ability to kill.


Oh, I guess I don’t have enough time to check my skills.
Well, I already checked yesterday, and not much has changed since I tested them at the colosseum.
In general, my strategy should be the same.
In general…


In a flash, the town disappeared around me, and a stone fortress was now in front of us.
I was standing among a huge crowd of players.
The battle had begun.

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