ards us.

Oh, right.
Even if I was the only one in the event who could throw excrement, I wasn’t the only one who could make wind…

But this was no time to act disappointed.
The stench and the smoke was coming back to me!
It was a powerful wind that was a combination of multiple skills.
And so even Wind Blast would lose to it…!


The Cannon Golems fired, causing a violent wind that dispersed the smoke.
That was close.
My trump card nearly became the end of me…
I guess using bad smells was not, in fact, the key to victory.
No, it was the golems that I summoned with the points everyone had collected.

Currently, they were automated and had their own AI for movement.
And so they acted without me having to give out orders.
However, they had cannons like the kinds on tanks, so shouldn’t they be able to reach the enemy already?

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Perhaps they only react when they are attacked?
That would explain why they reacted to the smoke, but not the enemy.
I wished that I could change their setting to ‘search and destroy.’
In any case, I wanted them to shoot down anything that came within range.

“Uhh, let’s try opening the Golem management window and change their settings… Ah, so you can order them to fire.”

There was a mode where you could order them to target something and fire at your command.
I could use it to figure out their maximum range.

“Take aim!”

A red, circlular effect appeared on the ground.
It showed where it would land if they fired.
And so I moved it forward.

Huh, it could actually go quite far.
It easily reached the enemy army.
So the AI settings really were wrong.
And so I switched to a mode where they would attack without question as soon as the enemy were in range.
Now all of the Cannon Golems and the fortress’s cannons would attack all at once…
But they didn’t.

This feeling…
It reminded me of when I tried to make a game when I was younger, and the characters wouldn’t move as I had planned.
It was annoying.
I didn’t know what the problem was…

“No, I do!”

It was all in the range.
The range.
The Golems were affected by the range of the player controlling them.

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And so if left to the AI, they were not within range.
And when not in range, they didn’t attack.

“Control of all Cannon Golems and cannons to me!”

Numerous targets appeared on the ground.
I moved all of them to the enemy.


With thunderous booms, the cannon balls flew.
Buckler put up ‘Energy Barrier III.’
For a defense skill he could use repeatedly, the strength and range was impressive.
But that was still not enough to cover thousands of players.

The other players also activated skills to protect themselves.
As a result, nearly all of the cannon balls were shot down.

However, one or two…managed to land, and explode near the players.
Several of them went flying, and screams erupted.
Not bad…! In any case, I had to take down their numbers as much as possible.

Both the Cannon Golems and fortress cannons had long cooldown times after firing.
And so I started firing my own arrows to cover them.
I chipped away at the players that were not under Buckler’s protection.
And as soon as the cooldown was finished…


The enemy was frantic.
Fewer of the cannon balls were hit this time, and they did more damage as they fell.
I hoped that they would continue to fall like this, but it would not be that easy.
Soon, certain players would try to do ‘something.’
And if I allowed them, I would be defeated.
And so I had to beat them first, no matter what…!

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