ed that everyone here would have fled and abandoned the fortress just because they heard his name.
Unfortunately, that was exactly what had happened…

There was no point in thinking about those who ran away now.
It had been my own decision to stay here and fight.

Now, how should I deal with the enemy that was moving to the sides?
This fortress only had cannons at the front.
I had opted to make a small number of them and upgrade them instead.

And I still stood by that decision.
There would be no point in wasting the points on golems and cannons.

The golems moved quickly when I gave the order, but they became slow when the AI controlled them.
The AI seemed to always be the part in any game that let players down.

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Their timing when attacking was too slow, or they would target the wrong enemies and were unreliable in their decision making.

However, it was also not possible for me to control all of them.
The enemy was no longer concentrated in one place, and I would not be able to hit them without giving out precise orders.
Besides, I had to concentrate on shooting.
It was too much to think about.
And so while it wasn’t ideal, I had to rely on the AI here.

Still, the only enemy that they could stop were the ones that charged head on.
The ones that were trying to go around were too far from the fortress.
And so I had to stop them with my bow…!

Should I make some of the golems advance?
Perhaps their cannonfire would be within range then.
However, the AI was so slow that the enemy would get close very quickly…
What should I do…!

“Mister Kyuji!”


My name was called out of nowhere, and I turned around to see a few dozen of my comrades.
Most of them were the beginners who I had helped during the hunt.
But a few were also 2nds like me.

“To be honest, I don’t think we can win.
And we really did run away for a while!”
“I want to enjoy the event longer, and hate the idea of being killed off quickly…”

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“But after hearing the sounds of the cannons, I realized that you really were fighting.
And thought that we should help you.”
“Is there anything that we beginners can do?’

I was so grateful for those words.
Of course, there was something.

“…Yes! Too much, in fact!”

“Uh, but don’t make us go and face Buckler, okay!?”

“I know.
I’ll deal with him.”

“What!? Can you beat him!?”

“Well, maybe.
I have a plan.
I want you guys to take care of the enemies that are going around to the sides.
You don’t have to defeat them all.
Just try and keep them away from the fortress.
I want to be able to focus on my fight with Buckler.”

“We can do that!”

I would leave the other enemies to them.
They could also control most of the golems and cannons.
While we were still at a disadvantage, there was a ray of hope.
Now I could take on Buckler.

He was a 3rd.
I had only seen one skill as he walked, but I was sure that he could do so much more.
However, the same could be said about me.
I had had high expectations for Black Smog, which ended up being a misfire, but I still had my trump card.

This was also for the comrades that had come back to help me.
I would make it happen.
Giant killing…!

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