easiest to autocreate, and then use that as a base and make changes from there.

Thankfully, they even had ‘rugged’ as one of the options in autocreate.

And so I touched it.


What appeared was quite promising.

A sleek, muscular physique, with dull, brown hair.

But he had a shaved jaw, which gave him a refreshing look.


It wasn’t bad at all, but I made a few adjustments.

His eyes should be less severe and his jaw less wide.

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Yes, now it was closer to Japanese tastes.

Nothing flashy, but that was they key to having a character that you wouldn’t get bored of.


“I’m done.”


‘Very well.
You will now be sent to the world of Nextaria.’


“Huh? Already? I thought this game had a job system and…”


‘You will learn about that when you arrive.’


If that’s what the guide said, I just had to follow.

Well, this time, my adventure was beginning.


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 ◆ ◆ ◆


The darkness faded away, and I could see again.

Apparently, I was in a city park.

There were several other players here on the grass, swinging their weapons.

Were they rookies like me?

After all, this game hadn’t been out for a full month yet.

So there were likely a lot of new players.


‘This is the park.
While you are in the city, you can use your weapons and skills to your heart’s content.
Your attacks will not hit other players.
However, as they will be seen, you should avoid using anything you wish to keep secret.’


I see.
So it was a place to test newly bought weapons and skills.

On closer inspection, not all of them had starter equipment like me.
Some had impressive looking swords or were flaunting glittery magic.

I had heard that looking at other players’s equipment was great fun in online games.

It made me want to get something good soon, and attract envious glares.

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