27 – Old Bowman, After the Battle

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[Sky Tear]
Unleashes an ultraspeed arrow.
Has great piercing ability.
Cooldown: 3 minutes.

To put it simply, this skill’s strength was that it was fast.
And so it hit its target at a speed that left other arrow skills in the dust.
Players who have fought against me and were used to the speed of normal arrows would not be able to react in time.

It’s piercing ability was both a strength and a weakness.
In order to pierce through hard materials, it’s point was sharpened to the absolute limit.
However, that also meant that the wound it inflicted was small.
And so it was possible that if you missed their vital organs, the amount of damage would be less than an ordinary arrow.

It could turn into a weak Charge Attack.
Perhaps that was why the cooldown time was also shorter than Bow Shower.
That being said, 3 minutes was still a long time if you were fighting.
But I didn’t know what would have happened if Sky Tear had missed or been blocked.

There had been several openings where I had a chance to use it.
Since Buckler wasn’t aware of this attack, he had no way of dealing with it.
But I was sure that if I missed him, and he found out about it, he would have done something to protect himself.
Like giving up on trying to hunt me, and putting his armor back on…

So with all of that considered, I only had one chance to attack.
And so I had lured Buckler in as much as possible so that I wouldn’t miss.
Well, he was still quite far away for the average archer.

“In any case, we won now…”

Not really.
While I had defeated the strongest enemy, Buckler, the army remained.
Had I defeated Buckler a little earlier, then maybe the enemy would have lost the will to fight and left.
But now they were filled with blood lust as they charged.
At this point, Buckler was just another player.

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And they were not going to slow down just because one player had died.

What about my friends to the sides?
I was in charge of the front, and there were significantly fewer enemies now.
It was too big a change, considering that my focus was on Buckler.
So that meant most of them had rushed to the sides of the fortress.
I felt bad for the others…

Kyuji! Are you alright?”

I guess…you guys are as well?”

One of them came running towards me.
His face looked quite happy.
It was not the expression of defeat.

“Ah, I thought that there were just too many of them at first.
But their method of attack was surprisingly sloppy.
Maybe it’s that much harder when there are so many of you? Also, the Golems helped a lot.
They sure are really strong if you upgrade them!”

“Yeah, that’s true.
I’m sure it was difficult when the enemy flowed towards where you were, but you did well.
Thank you.”

“Huh? Did they flow to where we were? If anything, it felt like there were fewer than there should be.
I came here because I was worried that you were having to deal with more of them… But I guess I shouldn’t have!”

Then where had the enemy gone?
Does this mean that a lot of them ran away while we weren’t looking?
It wasn’t as if I hadn’t seen any players running away at all, but I didn’t think there would be so many…

“But more importantly, Mr.
Kyuji! Let’s hurry up and drive the rest away.
Then we can gather the ‘memory’ of the killed players! I’ll leave the front side to you!”

“Uh, yeah…”

Yes, there were still enemies players left.
This was no time to stand around thinking.
Besides, it was a good thing that there were unexpectedly fewer enemies remaining.
My comrades and the golems must have worked very hard.

“Windcloud Blast! Black Smog!”

Black Smog was very effective against scattered enemies.

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When blowing them away with wind magic, they will crash into other players and kill them.

“It stinks!! Get out of here!”
“Hey, don’t unleash that over here!”
“Eghhh…! What a skill…to use…!”
“It’s getting everywhere… This shit…”
“We can’t push forward anymore! We have to retreat!”

It was pandemonium within the black smoke, and the players began to flee.
I continued to shoot arrows into their backs.
While I wouldn’t be able to annihilate all of them, I wanted to bring down their number as much as possible.
While it was necessary to do for my team, I felt a little bad when killing helpless players…

And so I wasn’t shooting as enthusiastically as I might have, and my speed began to slow down.
No, this was no time for that.
In the last event, I had been killed when I let my guard down.


Still, there are a lot fewer of them now?
I hadn’t even been shooting that much, and yet the drop in enemy players seemed dramatic.
Wait, maybe someone used a skill that dealt continued damage?
There were status effects like poison.
That would explain why players were disappearing even though not that many were being attacked.

“Alright, now we just need to gather the ‘player memories’ from the battlefield, and then it’s over.”

These were items that were dropped by dead players.
You could take them back to your fortress and revive the dead player by using points.
This wasn’t an unusual system, but it got interesting after that.

In a way, it was like ‘Shogi.’
You could revive fallen enemies and add them to your fighting force.
Of course, the revived player would not be controlled by the original person.
It was an AI that was replicating the player’s appearance and skills.

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This was the AI Trooper System.

After all, if they were controlled by the actual player, there might be treachery or purposely bad playing.
AI might not be as good as the player, but at least they had the same stats.
And so the AI warrior of a 3rd would be a great asset.
Someone like Buckler would be useful by just standing near the front and creating a wall.
We definitely had to take it.

“It’s a little far away, but we should get his memory before the others…”

The most important thing should be done first.
And so I dashed towards Buckler’s memory and put it into the item box.
My comrades also saw that the enemy had retreated, and so they started to gather the memories as well.

Hmm…some of them had died.
There were fewer of them compared to when they first arrived.
But it was thanks to their work that we had been able to win.
I only hoped that we could continue like this and win the entire event…

“Huh? Are they disappearing?”

It seemed like the player memories scattered over the battlefield were vanishing over time.
Did they really disappear after awhile!?
No, some of the memories that had appeared after Buckler’s death were still there.
So it wasn’t about time…

“Everyone! Have you noticed that the memories are disappearing?”

But no one answered me.
When I looked around, they were all gone.
I didn’t want to think about it…but was this a bug?

It wasn’t a connection error.
This event would go on for three hours, and you were able to temporarily log out without any penalty.
After all, there could be unexpected trouble or just bathroom breaks.
And so you could log out while the player still remained in the game.

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Obviously, you were defenseless, which was quite a risk.
But you would be mostly safe if you remained within the fortresses.

It was the same if there was a disconnect.
The body would remain within the game.
So this was either a bug or…


“Cloud Blast! Whirlwind!”

I thought I heard footsteps coming from behind me.
And so I reflexively rose into the air.

Shu…! Shu…!

I heard the sounds of something cutting through the wind where I was just standing.
Something had been swung twice.
And it sounded…familiar.

“Floating Cloud!”

I looked down from up in the air.
There was some kind of beast…on the ground!

“Aha! I failed this time!”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a girl with cat ears had appeared.
It was as if she had been invisible a moment ago…

“So it was you after all… I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.”

Her hair seemed longer now, and her armor was different.
But there was no way that I would forget.
The player who killed me during the battle royale!

There were no invisibility chips in this event.
In other words, she had acquired that power on her own.
But I had realized it, and dodged her attack.
We had both become much stronger…!

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