d the scouts out now?”

I would only be using Rapid Golems, as they were fast.
The Guardian and Cannon Golems would take too long to get to their destination.

I also created a group of AI warriors that were all 2nds.
1sts already had lower stats, and with the added restrictions of being controlled by AI, they were difficult to handle.
Well, some people might think they were useless then…but numbers were still important.
If the enemy did attack the fortress, it would look more intimidating if you had a large row of people.
And so I would carefully use what limited personnel that I had.

“I’ll be giving one of the Rapid Golem orders and make the others follow… Now they should fight any monsters that come close to them.”

I was sending them to the same western forest that we had gone to on the first day.
The monsters were weak there, and so it was perfect for a test drive.

“Alright, off you go!”

I watched them from the view window and dispatched the scout team.
It was a good thing I had chosen ones that were fast.
And while AI Warriors were rather clumsy when it came to movement, they also weren’t affected by stamina.
In other words, they could keep running without getting tired and slowing down.
And so simple traveling like this was easy.

When they arrived at the forest, I saw that the monsters had respawned.
Was it because this was a new day?
I looked at each window and had them attack the weakest monsters.
Once the Rapid Golem I was controlling attacked directly, the others joined in.

Like that, they explored the forest and I ordered them to kill any monsters they found.

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As the golems would be carrying the points, I would have to bring them back before they broke so that I could transfer them to the fortress.

Now that I thought about it, wasn’t there an old game like this?
You dragged your comrades with you and defeated enemies, and then you gathered materials and increased the number of comrades.

‘A Meganewashi is looking at you as if it wants to join you.’


A new window suddenly popped up.
Clearly, it meant that a monster wanted to join me.
Now that I thought about it, there were certain monsters in this event that would join you after being defeated.
We didn’t meet any monsters like that on the first day, so I suppose we were lucky today.

As the name implied, it was an eagle.
It had large eyes and a black pattern on its face that made it look like it was wearing glasses.
Also, there was a feather sticking out of its head.
It seemed like a good natured creature.
Should I accept it?
And so I touched ‘Befriend’ on the screen.

‘The Meganewashi has joined you! This monster has 2 special abilities.’

A large window appeared in front of me.
It showed a vast, vibrant forest.
This was one of the Meganewashi’s abilities, ‘Eagle Eye Transmission.’
It sent you an image covering a wide area.
Maybe that feather on its head was like an antenna.

And the other was ‘Item Recovery.’
But in this event, I suppose that meant ‘Player memories’?
The Meganewashi was able to recover them for you.

“Well, this has been a successful hunt.
I suppose I should bring them back now.”

As I looked at the wide view from the Meganewashi, I could see that they had gone much deeper into the forest than last time.
This was a game, and so logic dictated that the deeper you went, the stronger the monsters.
And so I wanted to bring them back before I lost any of them.

Somehow making others fight made me more nervous than fighting myself.
You had to think more when switching between multiple views and giving out orders.
And so when it came to very serious fights, I would have to go out myself.
Realizing that now was quite valuable…

“What is that?”

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The question spilled out of my mouth.
There was something at the edge of the Meganewashi’s vision.
In the far distance…

“A-a dinosaur….?”

There was a dinosaur in the middle of the forest.
A 3D model of a triceratops that was so realistic that you’d think it was made for research purposes.
And it somehow looked at odds with its surroundings compared to the other monsters.
Like someone had just placed a model in the middle of nowhere.

Perhaps they hadn’t created the map for it yet, but just decided to put these models here anyway… That’s what it felt like…
This event was rather hodgepodge in some ways.
I didn’t want to imagine…what things were like at the office.

Anyway, it was clear that it was strong.
And the quality of the model was high.
Maybe I should go out and fight it…?

No, I should gather some information first.
And so I ordered one of the golems to approach the triceratops.
Once it was reasonably close, the triceratops started to charge at it.
It was quite fast, and when seen up close, I saw that it had three dangerous-looking horns on its head.

Perhaps this had been a bad idea.
I immediately called all of my scouts back to the fortress.
However, the triceratops was sure to catch up with them…!

Just then, something strange happened.

No, it wouldn’t be that strange for game veterans.
The triceratops stopped as if there was an invisible wall in front of it.
It moved its legs, but it could not go forward.
The triceratops continued to charge in one place for some time, and then it quietly returned to its position.

Enemies often chased the player in games.
However, they could not just chase the player forever.
And so they are made to give up after there is a certain distance between you.

However, it had been a while since I last saw a game where it was this noticeable.
So, the triceratops could not cross that line.
In that case…could I do it?
My ideal fighting style was to snipe at people from a distance where they could not retaliate.
Up until now, I had mostly fought with the fear that I would die if I let my guard down even a little, but had the time finally arrived…!?

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