pack of monsters on the way back.

And if I had to choose which of them was the strongest, I would choose the triceratops.
While it had no special abilities, its legs were fast and powerful, allowing it to easily carry multiple people.
I had even thought of a certain strategy that would make use of it.

Next was a few Aero Raptors.
They were the monsters I had encountered as a pack.
And while they were also based on dinosaurs, these had more fantastical designs.

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I wasn’t sure why.

And they had the special ability ‘Wild Air.’
It raised the speed of everything within range, regardless of them being friend or foe.
It was a good ability for when you were moving in large numbers.

And then there was the Meganewashi.
In a way, perhaps this eagle was actually the strongest.
It showed me the field from up in the sky.
And in my case, my range allowed me to give them orders in a wider area, which meant I could send it very high into the air.

And like that, I was able to see the entire map.
First, Blue Deer had attacked Green Butterfly early on as well.
Only they succeeded, and the blue territories were encroaching into the green.

Green Butterfly was now focusing its efforts on taking back the fortress.
And Blue Deer were likely fighting back.
This resulted in an opening for Red Boar to attack from the center.

The center of the field was where the fortresses of the three sides clashed.
And here, Red Boar invaded in Blue Deer’s direction.
They had taken two fortresses already.

However, that’s as far as they went.
Currently, it looked like all three groups had gathered to the center in a deadlock.
I raised Meganewashi’s altitude a little and looked at the center of the battlefield.
The scene below was insane.

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There were red tyrannosauruses breathing fire, thunder magic in the shape of dragons, wind magic in the shape of tigers.
They rammed into each other without restraint.
The tyrannosauruses were likely tamed monsters, and I suppose the rest were magic skills from 3rds?
Now my fight with Buckler looked very boring.
Well, it had still been quite a fight.
Yes, it wasn’t boring, it was refined.

And having survived such a refined battle, I realized what I needed to do.
If they were in a stalemate and it looked to continue for a long time, I would just have to come in from the side.
The reason that my fortress was secluded was because it was located at the far edge.

And everyone was moving to the center.
If you won at the center, the enemy’s position would be unstable, and you might as well have won at that point.

And so I had to move.
From here, I would go to Blue Deer’s main base and attack.
And then the enemy would have to split up their forces in order to stop me.
That will make things easier for my friends in the center.

While it was very likely that I would fall, it would be a necessary sacrifice for our side to win.
At the very least, it would mean more than if I joined them in the center battlefield.
I was not confident that I could make any difference in all that craziness.

An Archer quietly targets his prey.
And now, I would move from defence to invasion.
I would attack their fortress with my AI warriors…!

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