he was saying was true, then that meant we could still lose the final battle, after everything I had been through.
I didn’t want that to happen.
And so I got on top of the Mach Horse and looked up my next destination.

“Old man! And take my strongest buff as well! Full Enhance!”

A yellow…no, a dark orange aura enveloped my body.
My hair seemed to prickle up, and I felt that I had become stronger.

“This buff is so powerful that I can only use it once a day! It greatly increases all of your stats!”

He had said that his team was nearly wiped out, and yet he had been saving this… But I didn’t point it out.
Considering what I knew about him, he had probably been too indecisive and then missed his chance.
However, as it seemed quite effective, I would thank him.

“Thank you.
Since I’m being given the opportunity, I will do my best during the final battle.”

Then I put the horse into a dash and headed towards the next battlefield.
The last battle in this turf war.

◆ ◆ ◆

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“Hey, Hatake.”


One of the guild members called to him.

“What you said earlier.
Do you really mean it?”

If that old guy was able to defeat Buckler alone, that means it would have been a walk in the park if I was there.
So in a way, I was being cowardly.
But on the other hand, it was because I led our fighting force to the fortress near the center that we were able to push upwards at the frontlines.
And this ambush succeeded as well.
So even though I was cowardly, the results show that I wasn’t wrong.”

“Hatake… I’m surprised at how thoughtful you can be…”

“Why? In any case, it’s true that he would be of more use in the battle.
His combat abilities are simply superior, and we already know he can achieve a high kill count.”

“But…can I say one thing?”


“You Full Enhance thing… Just like that giant hero of light, it only works for three minutes, right? It’s sure to be gone by the time he reaches the battlefield.
And yet you did it anyway?”

“…You now, if even just his legs become faster, it will save time, right?”

“But the buff only works on one person.
So the horse’s speed won’t change unless you enhance it as well…”

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“…Really? Are you saying that I’m in fact, a thoughtless, useless player!?”

“Well…I might add that you’re also quite lucky…but yes.”

“Bu-but, I did mean to try and help him! You believe that I wasn’t messing with him!?”

“Don’t ask me that…”

◆ ◆ ◆

“Huh? The aura is gone…”

And I had been enjoying dashing through the field while sparkling… How embarrassing.
Well, if it was something he could only use once a day, and greatly boosted all of your stats, then it was not likely to last for very long.
However, he was probably being sincere, so I would accept it.

Still, I had not expected to meet Hatake again during this event.
He always launched me into these crucial situations.
I doubted he was a bad person.
And while I didn’t want to be friends with him, he was amusing for brief interactions.

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