hnology was used to bring out the most base of instincts.

Well, at least I had fun…
But not everyone did…
And so screenshots of the final results were spread everywhere online as proof of how badly balanced the event had been.
And the screenshot that got the most attention, in a bad way…was a screenshot of the event MVP.
A big picture of my face, name and job were projected onto the sky.
Of course, it was my face, name and job within the game.

Well, it wasn’t as if the backlash was directed at me personally.
In fact, the players of Red Boar were very happy when they saw the announcement.
However, a lot was still said about how a 2nd had stolen the spotlight in an event that was expected to center around 3rds.

Furthermore, a 2nd had also taken the title for most kills.
As for that player, no image was shown, but it wasn’t hard to guess after seeing the name.

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‘Nekoko Strange.’ …Only a cat lover would use a name like that.
So it must be her.

She had won during the battle royale.
In other words, she had gotten the MVP, while I had the most kills.
This time it was reversed.
Well, I suppose that worked as a revenge?

It seemed like we were advancing through the game at a similar speed, and if there was another large event, we would likely clash again.
Though, I didn’t know when there would be another one…

This was because NSO had done two in a short span already.
And given how much backlash there was this time, management had announced that they would take more time to balance and plan the events.

In the first place, there were rumors that the next NSO update would add lots of new features for solo players.
And so it was already obvious that events would not be coming as regularly.
Still, it was important to look like you were listening.

During this great age of VR games, it was like there were at least five different controversies happening at all times.
If anything, there were people who said that it was best that people were passionate.
That kind of fire could attract more players.

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And so it was seen as a chance to increase your playerbase.
Depending on how management handled things, they would overcome the danger.

But as for me…I wanted things to settle down as soon as possible.
This was because the screenshot was reposted so many times, that even searching for ‘Next Stage Online’ or ‘NSO’ started to bring up my character’s face…!

And so I was now quite famous.
People would point at me when walking around in towns in the game.
And they would approach me and ask to take photos.

Being the center of attention.
The talk of the town… I had never experienced such a thing before.
But well, I suppose that it didn’t feel bad to have people who were happy to see you.
That being said, I still had to reject a lot of offers to join guilds and pro gamer teams.

I intended to continue enjoying this game while staying solo.
It wasn’t that I would never get involved with others.
I just wanted the freedom to go in any direction that felt fun.
Like a cloud in the wind.

Now, the next update would have a great effect on the fate of this game.
So what kind of new features would they implement?
I had a feeling that NSO would continue to excite me for quite some time.

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