27: Anonymous Runner
It was a pro team called Mad Slime, right?
They didn’t do much this time either.

28: Anonymous Runner
Isn’t this Nekoko Strange a pro gamer too?
A real veteran.

29: Anonymous Runner
You’re probably thinking of a different ‘Strange.’
Though, they are apparently related somehow, but not much is known.

30: Anonymous Runner
Nekoko is a rookie.
A new star that has recently appeared in the game world.

31: Anonymous Runner
She has reflexes like a wild animal.
Must be pretty young.

32: Anonymous Runner
So the pros are getting beaten by kids and old men now.

33: Anonymous Runner
I like that old bowman.

34: Anonymous Runner

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Me too.

35: Anonymous Runner
I teamed up with that old bowman once.
It was a while ago.
His reflexes seemed slow and I thought he would quit soon enough.
And now look how far he’s gone! Hahaha.
By the way, I’m the one who told him to use the bow.

36: Anonymous Runner

37: Anonymous Runner
I was with him during the last battle, and he was amazing.
He was constantly hitting his targets with precise movements.
But I don’t think he’s very good with running.

38: Anonymous Runner
So the old guy isn’t a pro, right?
There’s like no info about him.

39: Anonymous Runner
I asked him, and he said he was working at a company until recently.

40: Anonymous Runner
He just shares that, huh…

41: Anonymous Runner
Well, he didn’t say which company, so he’s safe!

42: Anonymous Runner
He got the MVP, so he must have contributed a lot to his team.

43: Anonymous Runner
He basically destroyed a 3rd on his own, and then took down their base.
No one contributed more imo.

44: Anonymous Runner

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Yeah, the difference with other players was overwhelming.

45: Anonymous Runner
Yeah, he did really well.
And yet people are posting his screenshot everywhere as if it’s his fault the event was bad.
Well, it’s not really a laughing matter.

46: Anonymous Runner
That old guy is undoubtedly the MVP, but the pictures are too good to share.

47: Anonymous Runner
There’s something very nonchalant about his expression.
Why does he look like that?

48: Anonymous Runner
He usually looks a little more serious.
I wonder why they used that picture…

49: Anonymous Runner
Well, he’s the new face of NSO, so the event had some meaning after all.

50: Anonymous Runner

51: Anonymous Runner
It was a success in terms of getting people to talk.
And I was able to run wild beginning to end.

52: Anonymous Runner
Now it’s up to management to see if the people who came to look will end up staying.
We’ve been hearing about new features for a while that have yet to be implemented, so they must be taking their time with it.

53: Anonymous Runner
Grow cards, scramble, unison…
I like that there will be three new features at once.

54: Anonymous Runner
Apparently, it’s going to make exploring the field a lot more fun.
You couldn’t ask for more as a solo player.
Events aren’t the only thing in MMOs!

◆ ◆ ◆

And so without his consent, Kyuji had been declared the new face of NSO.

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